Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aggies during the bye week

There has been a ton of talk about the Aggie offense the last few weeks, culminating in last week's performance against Ohio State.

Fleming or Walls, Walls or Fleming, the offense hasn't looked very good either way. Me, I would stick with Walls. But that's just me.

How about third stringer Scott Galland? Why not? Try anyone who might give the unit a spark.

The one thing I do know is that the offense hasn't been good either way and it's regressed. The most frustrating part for me? Third-and-eight, and the quarterback throws a 5-yard out to a wide receiver or tight end. 4th-and-3. Punt. At least run a 10-yard pattern and at least throw the ball 10-yards downfield! And the coaching staff has to take responsibility on this one. This has happened too much for it to fall strictly at the players' feet.

I also think the next four weeks will be critical for the team and for the offensive coaching staff. They don't have to set the world on fire, but they have to score some touchdowns. They have to move the ball downfield and put points on the board. They just have to.

Where do the Aggies turn to in recruiting? Well, judging from this year, I think you need to continue to search for a quarterback. I know about Tanner Rust, but I would still look. The offensive line has been alright, but I still think upgrades and depth are needed. The team needs to add size at the wide receiver position. And it will also need to recruit some running backs to help Seth Smith carry the load.

What about defense? I certainly think the team could start by getting a middle linebacker. Jason Scott is gone and, although he's performed admirably this year, he's miscast in the middle. A big-time pass rusher too, although Pierre Fils and Donte Savage have had positive seasons. Still, I would get another guy who can get to the quarterback off of the edge. They need to continue adding depth to defensive tackle. And at linebacker. Linebacker is thin this year and all the impact players on the unit are leaving after the season.

As for the secondary, the entire starting unit from this year will return. Depth at safety is a must and also adding another corner or two would help.

The Aggies will need help across the board. They won't be able to add every piece this offseason. This is at least a two or three year recruiting job here, for Walker to bring in his guys and to build depth with his guys. The staff is out in full force this week though, trying to add pieces.

First things first after the bye week though. The team needs to score a meaningful TD.


Anonymous said...

How many scholarships will the staff have to offer this year?

Anonymous said...

Ohio State - three yards and a cloud of dust.

NMSU - 1.5 yards and a cloud of sand.

Anonymous said...

They have good qbs, we need the play calling to improve, recievers to get open and catch the damm ball.

Anonymous said...

What does the football schedule look like for the next couple of years? Word is, Boston is now going to make them play two MONEY games each year. Is that correct and who will they be? I believe they go to Georgia next year, but who else? What do you know? Heck, have them play four money games and they will balance the budget. Boston needs a clue!

Anonymous said...

As far as recruiting goes, I would go out and get three fast recievers that are over 6 feet tall who can catch. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

How about recruiting a few long, 100 meter track guys to play football. We don't need world speed, just enough to separate themselves from the DBs. The coaches could "teach" them to catch the ball over the course of a few years.

IC said...

I dont know how reliable the source is, but a friend of mine sent me a link for the 2010 schedule and it doesn't have UTEP listed.

There are some discrepancies, i.e. it shows a trip to SDSU, which should be a home game next year, but it lists 11 games already I would imagine utep is 12th. If not maybe it is Georgia. The other $ game is at Kansas.

Anonymous said...

While the team has improved as a whole, the passing game has taken a step back and that's the most frustrating part to us fans.

Someone asked about the future non-conference schedules. Well here it is (excluding our annual tilts w/ Unm & Utep):

2010: @ Kansas, vs. San Diego St.
2011: vs. Ohio U (Not Ohio St), @ Minnesota, @ Georgia.
2012: @ Ohio U
2013: @ Texas
2016: @ Minnesota

I'm sure the Ath. Dept. is still working on getting us a few more money games.
Personally, I would like to see more regional foes like TTech, Colorado, Arizona, Baylor, N. Texas or maybe the service academies like Air Force or Army!

Anyways, the kids are working on their game. Let's enjoy the off week before we go to the Islands!


BOSS HOGG said...

On the recruiting front we need O line depth,recievers, D line depth and linebackers and safeties!!

Secondary is fine, bring in one maybe two HS kids to learn the system.

We have a chance to win a couple more games. Keep fighting Aggies!!!

Anonymous said...

Your analysis on the playcalling is almost dead on. I know that Rosenbach is trying to develop "a system." However, his system just doesn't cut it. Teddy, I will disagree with you on the five-yard out patterns; they are more like three-yard outs. When someone in the crowd said that Trevor was warming up Saturday at the Shoe, I thought I heard someone say "Who is he handing the ball off to." I feel sorry for both Jeff Fleming and Trevor Walls.

Anonymous said...

Get an OC, then make a judgement.

Anonymous said...

The previous topic had some chatter on the scheduling. From money games to homecoming opponents.

I noticed Western Kentucky & Memphis just dumped their coaches and UT San Antonio starts D1 play in a couple of years. Colorado appears to be looking for a new coach at the end of the season also.
Our 2010 & 2011 schedules are pretty much full but, how about bringing in those teams to Cruces in 2012? Seven home games would do wonders!

I realize money games are necessary but, the team needs wins to end this Bowl drought, right?

The FB staff was out in force last week recruiting from Texas to California.
I know they will sign some good players very soon but, we also need to give them a favorable schedule, don't you think?