Monday, June 29, 2009

Zach Daugherty

Lots of chatter about Zach Daugherty electing to go to the University of New Mexico over New Mexico State.

My initial thoughts? I was surprised. I thought he would come to NMSU for a few reasons:

1) It's his hometown

2) DeWayne Walker is a defensive-minded coach

3) NMSU needs help at linebacker, giving him a legitimate shot at playing time right off the bat

In reality, Las Cruces being Zach's hometown was a big reason the kid left. He wanted to branch out and get a new experience under his belt. Can anyone blame him for feeling that way? I know I can't.

As for the other two factors, I think they are legitimate. Both NMSU and UNM are going through massive transformations on the football field. If it were the last few years, with Hal Mumme and Rocky Long at the helm of their respective programs, that would be a different story. If Long was still in Albuquerque, it would be the ideal fit. Go to a unique defensive system, to a coach that frankly was able to get a lot of his players to overachieve. That would make perfect sense. Who knows what you're getting at UNM now. The Lobos have just as many question marks as the Aggies, in my eyes. The hope is that, in time, Walker will mold NMSU into a tough-minded defensive team.

Who knows how he would have fared at NMSU. I think Zach will be a solid D-I football player. A middle linebacker? Time will tell where he fits in and in what role. But I do think he will be a factor during his career in Albuquerque.

Moving forward, how does NMSU attract more New Mexico players to its program? That's easy. You gotta win. You gotta beat the Lobos, you gotta beat UTEP, you gotta get a positive buzz surrounding your program. If you do that, kids will come play here. Easy answer. Concocting that winning formula can be a bit more elusive. They'll get another shot at it in two months.


Anonymous said...

The best way to recruit the state is to beat the lobos. Lets face facts they have owned us the last few years. It's been at least 6 years since we beat them, and that looms large in the minds of the local kids who are probably already leaning towards leaving town.

Realize that none of the kids playing varsity ball have seen a Aggie victory over the lobos. Hell they werent even teenagers the last time the Aggies won.

Add to that, they've gone bowling multiple times. Granted as you stated they are in a transition, but they are in a better place than the Aggies.

Anonymous said...

You know they have owned the Aggies lately, but each game was very close. If it wasn't for some stupid turnovers within the redzone in a lot of those games the Aggies come out on top. The Aggies just need to win games. With coach Walker he should turn it around with hs defense first approach.Recruiting the state is very hard for NMSU since the only news the rest of the state gets is based out of Albuquerque. It's like we don't even exist if you go anywhere in this state. Northern New Mexico news stations are biased for the Lobos. So kids grow up hearing about the Lobos doing this the Lobos doing that and nothing about the Aggies. If the Aggies can't land in-state players fine there is alot of talent to go around from the state east of us, and people from Cruces shouldn't complain because coach Walker has tried to land in-state players.

Anonymous said...





That is the only formula that works!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3:16
The problem is that it is very hard to recruit the best players period to NM State.
I think Walker is trying, he has offers out to some high level players, including Zach Daugherty.

You win some, you lose some, Las Cruces is "out of town" to most of the kids being recruited. Will that help? It will with some, but it will hurt with others. Face it, for a lot of these kids, NMSU and Las Cruces isn't a "destination" until we make some waves and win some big games.