Friday, June 26, 2009

Polo Gutierrez

Just wanted to let everyone know that I spoke with Polo Gutierrez about his tryout with the Buffalo Bills.

Polo sounded optimistic about the audition, saying that he displayed some of the quickest feet out of all the lineman present. The one thing Gutierrez didn't have on the other players was size. He said that all the linemen “towered” over him, but that he was right in the middle of the pack weight wise. Polo stands at about 6-2, 300 pounds.

One thing we talked about was the competition he went against. He said that the other linemen were from Oklahoma, Stanford and UCLA. He had a shirt that read “Aggies” and the group assumed that he was from Texas A&M. That's not exactly the support we're looking for here.

But he did sound very optimistic about his performance, saying that he had a “great day” in Buffalo. I think the Bills would be a good fit for him. They like hard working, tough, blue-collar lineman in Buffalo. Polo fits the bill. Hopefully he gets the shot that he deserves.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope he is abe to stick with the Bills. To be able to play at that level reflects quite an accomplishment.