Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chuck Taylor

It seems that the Aggies have lost an experienced offensive lineman.

Junior Chuck Taylor said he was transferring from NMSU. Chuck, a 6-foot-3, 345-pound guard, came to the Aggie program two years ago and saw the field right off the bat. The old coaching staff was high on Taylor when they recruited him and made every effort to get him some playing time from Week 1 of his first season. He started 25 straight games for NMSU, including every game last year which should be considered an accomplishment considering how banged up the team was along the offensive line.

I think any time you lose a durable starter along the offensive line, it's a big deal. You knew what you were getting with Chuck. It also hurts the team depth-wise. Players inevitably get hurt — we all saw it last year along this very same unit. Still, if there is one area of the Aggies that goes pretty deep this season, the offensive line would be it.

The team still has Kyle Smith, Mike Grady, Joel Buschmann, Patrick Blount and Joe Suder. The team also added JC transfer Dwayne Barton. If the unit stays healthy, which is a big “if” in football, they should hold up fine.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Taylor was not going to start this year. I think Buschmann was going to start at one of the guard position no matter what. Buschmann was the player who picked NMSU over some big time offers out of high school. I think our starting five will look like this.

LT Kyle Smith(6'6 291 Jr)
LG Joel Buschmann(6'3 292 Jr)
C Mike Grady(6'3 302 So)
RG Dewayne Barton(6'4 270 Jr)
RT Patrick Blount(6'3 263 Jr)

Anonymous said...

The "O" line is critical if the Aggie are going to have any success at all this season.

It's too bad that this young man chose to go and not be part of the rotation.

Best of wishes to him, regardless.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad, I really liked him as a player.

I spoke to some of the staff on national signing day and they mentioned how out of shape Tyalor was when they arrived.
He was carrying like 70lbs above his playing weight and the season been over for only six weeks!!!

Gary Uribe makes no bones about how out of shape the "O" line was when he arrived.
Personally, I think he liked the old staff becuase the practices/ work outs were so laid back and he just didn't wan't to get in real FB shape.

Anyways, if he doesn't wan't to be here, he should go to where he's happy. Good luck Chuck!

Anonymous said...

I hope they get it together. From what I saw at the spring game, we need a lot of help on that line, IF we are going to run the ball. I do hope it comes together and we can win some games. Wouldn't it be nice to see the stadium full six games a year!

Aggie007 said...

It's too bad. I liked Chuck and I wish things worked-out for him here. There's a reason he was a starter for 25 straight games. He seemed like a very good o-lineman. But, from what I hear, Uribe and Walker don't want any players at any position to be unathletic. They want even the big o-lineman to be athletic, mobile and strong. Gone are the days of the big, fat, strong guy playing o-line because the defensive tackles and linebackers are so much quicker. Good Luck Chuck at your next destination.