Thursday, June 18, 2009

Branden Warner

Just spoke to defensive tackle Branden Warner again today.

He said that he has not decided if he would come to New Mexico State or not, even though an L.A. Daily News blog indicated that he was.

“No,” Warner said when asked if he was coming to NMSU. “I'm just not going to UCLA anymore.”

Warner said that he still has options at other schools.

Mixed messages for sure, although Warner was quoted by the Daily News as if he were coming. Why he would say yes one day and no the next is anybody's guess, although I believe he will be here.


Anonymous said...

Hey teddy. There is another article saying he is coming to NMSU, and that he will be in Las Cruces on July 5th to start summer school.

Anonymous said...

The fact that we're even talking about a UCLA recruit even coming here is good for the program. I wish coach Walker and NMSU much success!

Anonymous said...

NMSU Fans:

You took Walker and it looks like you got Warner too. I was happy you gave D Walker a chance to be a head coach, but this Warner has been giving us the run around for the past year. I hope you have better luck with him than we did.


Anonymous said...

UCLABZ, thanks. NMSU has nothing to lose with Warner, so if he doesn't make it on campus for the fall than oh well, but if he does than dang our defensive line will look good this year.

Anonymous said...

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