Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mumme doesn't sign deal

My reaction to Hal Mumme not signing a contract extension last season was one of surprise.

What coach in Mumme's position wouldn't sign a deal like that on the table? I feel like there is more than what meets the eye on this one.

For one, maybe Hal felt like he would out-perform the extension and get a bigger payday down the line. Another possibility that came into my head was that the extension talk was just an illusion from NMSU to keep the recruiting process humming on all cylinders, when in reality, he needed a big year in 2008 to get a longer term on his deal. Really, anything could be true or false on this one, it's impossible to say.

One thing it does do is make him that much more expendable at the end of this season. The school only has to worry about one more year instead of the possible two he would have been granted with an extension to his deal.

When I first heard he didn't sign the extension, I thought I was being lied to. When Dr. Boston said that he didn't sign the extension, I was put back. It's just another weird chapter in Hal's legacy as coach of the Aggies.


Anonymous said...

I always knew that loser mumme was a bad coach, but come to find out he is a horrible business man as well. Even if the idiot thought he was going to have a good year he should of signed it because if he would of had a decent year and took us to a bowl Boston would of extended his contract again with more years and more money, and if all fails like it has you have the two years of salary in the bank( hal said it himself “that’s why we have contracts‘). 200,000 dollar goof nothing major unless your about to be unemployed. Hal your dumber than we all thought (knew).

Lets see how arrogant you are now in press conferences.

One last thing hal, don’t refer people to your agent, stand up and explain your poor decisions on and off the field to the fans strait up. Let me guess you have an excuse. Go figure and good rid dens!


Anonymous said...

This is team is MUCH better than there record. It is also the most talented team we've had here in while.
The problem at NMSU isn't talent or injuries. The problem is, COACHING!!

Obviously, Mumme felt this team was going to a bowl game and was in for a big contract thus, decided not to sign the one year extension.

Either way, it's good news Aggie fans!! The big question, why is Boston now coming out with this? Is he trying to tell us that he's gonna fire Mumme?

Another crazy day in Aggie land!

Anonymous said...

I can remember back in 1999,during a Mayfield football booster club meeting,that there was speculation that Jim Bradley had been asked about returning as head coach.When he assured everyone in the meeting that he had absolutely NO interest in the job,he got a hearty round of applause and a standing ovation from the members present.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that he didn't sign the 1 yr. extension!
However, by not signing it, he's not taking care of his staff and their families!

Anyone that has had contact with "shallow" Hal, knows that he is un-approachable, arrogant and a shallow human being. Hence, the nick name.

All he worries about is himself and could care less if his assistants have newborns and toddlers or if they will be able to put food on the table after the season!

If Mumme would have made a concerted effort to be part of the community then, we wouldn't be asking for his head or probably have been more patient.

Reggie was visible in the community and we responded when he called us out.
Tony Samuel was likeable and visible. Even when NMSU did not re-new his contract, the community was not happy with Faison's decision.

Bottom line, if he doesn't give back to the community, how can the community give back and support a pompous jerk!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he thought he would take over at LSU when Dr. Martin, Dr. Boston and he all left.

How about a trade. We get Les Miles and staff, they get a pres., a.d. and Mumme and Co.

If only college football was like major league baseball. Haha

Anonymous said...

BTW-has anyone (or someone) heard of the "Warren Woodson Curse" that this program is allegedly under for the last 41+ years?

Anonymous said...

Hey, just found your blog. What happened to Chris Cole. I assume he has left as he is not on the Aggie Roster anymore. Have been following him since he was about 5 years old in Germany.

Fire Dumme said...

Maybe he was injured when Dr. Boston presented him with the contract.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:30
Chris Cole is still at NMSU except, he's just a student. I ran into him at a FB game and he said he had a liver or kidney condition.

He looked good and hopefully will make a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

Fire Dumme is hilarious!

I wouldn't doubt it if he used the injury excuse for not signing the extension.

His press conference would be something like,
"I developed Carpel tunnel on my right hand and Gregg Herrod and I, have been pretty busy giving Las Cruces the bird with the other...the APR is partially to blame too for not signing the extension..." Funny stuff!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

I think your speculation as to why Mumme did not sign is right on target. I also would not be surprised if Mumme was insulted by the offer of "only" a one-year extension, and probably thought he could parlay his success this year to negotiate a long term commitment or pursue greener pastures elsewhere. Regardless of what his actual motivation was, he gambled and lost. It is not a stretch at all to think Mumme will never be a HC again in a FBS conference.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Word is that mummes attorneys will meet with university attorneys tomorrow morning (11/17/08) to discuss his future. Hell yeah the sooner the better. Glad to see Boston is finally doing something.

Anonymous said...

Boston isnt going to do anything! He is as big a problem is that football coach.