Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Injury card

Who else is tired of hearing Hal Mumme talk about injuries as a viable excuse as to why his team is losing?

I'll be the first to admit that injuries can cripple a team. But quality depth and strong coaching can overcome them to a degree and at least keep a team competitive.

Mumme dished out the injury card last year and we went along with it for the season. At that time it seemed somewhat feasible. Chase missed some snaps, A.J. Harris and Nick Cleaver went down for periods of time and Chris Williams was also out of action for half the season. The linebacking corps was also banged up.

But the coach is at it again this year. Richie Bolin is a huge loss for the Aggies, a senior center and the leader of the offensive line. But all we heard this spring was about how the team built enough depth to overcome such tough losses. Chase has taken most of the snaps and the one's he's missed haven't been because of a serious injury. The receivers for the most part, namely Williams and Harris, are on the field.

The O-line has been shuffled around and worked with which hurts. Maquell Colston has been in and out of the lineup but what happened to Tonny Glynn? He doesn't really see the field anymore.

Have there been injuries? Yes. But we heard all about it last year too. I don't think it excuses some of the performances put forth this year. And the fans are tired of hearing about it. I think when a team hears the coach talk about injuries all the time, they can use it as a crutch. I would like to think the Aggies aren't doing that but based on their performances, it's hard to argue that they aren't.


Fire Dumme said...

Obviously we are all tired of the line. All you have to do is read any of the replies on previous posts. Dumme has gotten all he could out of this team. A shake up is needed, he has had quite possibly the most overall talent in the last 10-15 years. The thing is he doesnt know how to coach it up. We've given him 4 years to work in his own group of players. To my knowledge no one is left from the Samuel era. So any lack of depth or talent is stictly on him and his staff.

Unfortunately it doesnt seem like Dr. Boston will do anything, and with no one to force his hand why would he fire his friend? For the very few that say that the alumni and boosters don't help the program, my question to you is why should we? There is nothing on the field that exudes confidence. I would love nothing more than to see a winner out there, but why should I pump my money into the football team, when I can support the volleyball, both basketball teams, and even the baseball/softball programs? I've said it numerous times on yours and Felix's blogs so long as he is around this will be my last year with season tickets. I will still go to games but they get my money on a week to week basis. They'll have to earn it. No excuses!

Can however runs the firehalmumme website please post a page visitor counter? I would love to keep track as to how many hits the site gets.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah
Mumme is full of excuses and finally someone called him out.
Nice Read!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of the injury excuse, I think I'm gonna throw up!

FSU also has injuries but, Pat Hill says "we have to find a way to win."
That's what really good coached do, they find a way to get the most of there team and find a way to win!

If you don't believe me look at Don Haskins. I'm not a Utep fan but, the late Don Haskins never had All-Americans yet, was able to get most of his players by playing hard and finding ways to gut out those wins.

Yes, Mumme inherited APR issues but, he knew that coming in. He also had the choice to take the APR hit at once or little by little. He chose the lump sum.

Hey Mumme,
We've had 48 years of losing and four years of excuses and quite frankly, we are tired of both.
Here's a little advise: "just win baby!" or we'll get someone else to get it done.

Anonymous said...

Most fans are pretty fed up with his excuses and looking at past issues.

He keeps bringing up the injury card and APR card because, he's a desperate man trying to save his job.

Let's ask the question;
"How can we move forward, if we can continue to look back?"

State of denial

Dan said...

Injuries happen to every team, not just Mumme's. He needs to know that going into the season that injuries will happen. It's football, for goodness sake!! And for him to keep saying the reason the Aggies are getting pounded 49-0 or 42-30 is because of the injuries on his team is just a joke to me!
It's time for Mumme to go!

No hope with dope said...

Put a fork in Mumme and the Aggies as they're done for the season. Even getting back Bolin will not propel this team to bowl eligibility.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY!! he claimed to have all this depth this year but obviously he doesnt, hence he failed miserably recruiting wise. we need a change but i hope when the change comes they have the same offensive philosophies as mumme otherwise we will have the same excuses as last year!

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that we go pretty much through the same thing with NMSU football coaches-brought in with a lot of fanfare and promise,only to see them go after a subpar record after their contract is up.With this many coaches failing (and one that refused to come back),one has to ask-maybe the problem with Aggie football isn't solely with the coach,but in the athletic department itself.Is there the possibility that there are powers that be at the university or Las Cruces that don't want this football program to succeed? Or are there those that are too fearful for some reason to speak out because doing so might result in adverse action or suppression?Or are we supposed to be good little supporters that aren't supposed to ask those kind of questions-BTW,why aren't you as spotrs journalists asking these questions?-An Angry Aggie Alum

Fire Dumme said...

Any truth to the story KVIA reported that Dumme didnt sign the 1 year extension? If that's true when does his contract expire?

If it is, what was he thinking?


Teddy said...

We reported that story today. Here's the link


Anonymous said...

If Aggies have been a losing squad for 48 years then it's not just Mumme and this team. Maybe you need to look deeper.

Anonymous said...

Dummy didn't sign the extension!! Oh, happy day!

If Boston kept t under wraps for a year, why is he now coming out with it?
My guess, is it's his way of telling us that change is on the way!

This is certainly the highlight to a frustrating season.