Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mumme says so far so good for Buries

Aggies coach Hal Mumme said that all indications point to Justine Buries returning on schedule. Buries is expected to be in contact drills in August as the team prepares for it’s opening game against SE Louisiana. Mumme said that he was hesitant to talk about the back’s development but that Buries has told him that, up to this point, he feels good.

Still, there are concerns about Buries. He’s struggled with injuries in the past and knee injuries are particularly tricky. What will happen when he gets banged around for the first time and will he catch up to speed mentally after suffering such a setback? Those will be the biggest concerns. Obviously a healthy Buries would be a nice addition to the team.

Even if he comes back strong I expect him to split a lot of the backfield duties. Tonny Glynn had a strong spring and Mumme expects him to contribute. As will Jeremiah Williams. And, during spring ball, there was a lot of buzz surrounding Randell Bell.


Anonymous said...

Buries is my man!
I sat next to him (Utep) after his surgery and he was hurting to get on the field!

This guy is an absolute warrior! If he feels he can help the team, he will be on the field.

I remember him being on the scout team a couple of years ago and then being a bowling ball vs. Colorado!
The Buries I remember was going after the DB's, popping up and talking smack to the buffaloes.
I expect him to the same and then some, this year.

Again, this kid is my man and a warrior!!!

Anonymous said...

Buries will be touch-and-go. He may be able to contribute some, but an ACL tear typically takes two-years for full recovery. I expect J. Williams to step-up at the RB position and showcase some of the brilliance he displayed against TS and UTEP last season. Improving the running game is a must!

Anonymous said...

I hope Buries is ready. He and Jeremiah Williams will solve our running game woes. They are both good. Buries is a power runner and Jeremiah Williams is a quick speedy slasher. I don't think Randell Bell is going to qualify academically. If he does, it should give us a little more depth at RB.

Anonymous said...

Buries is a great kid but I don't think that he will be the "guy" at RB for the Aggies. It's doubtful he he can return 100% inside of a full year of rehabing his knee. Before his ACL last season he had just inched out J. Williams for the starting role and still was looking over his shoulder in the NM game when he went down. If both Buries and J. Williams are healthy, our running game will be strong and will open up the passing game. We need both of these guys.