Monday, July 23, 2007

June Jones gives props to NMSU

When asked about players that stand out to him throughout the WAC at media day on Monday, Hawaii coach June Jones mentioned his own quarterback Colt Brennan and Boise State running back Ian Johnson. After that he turned his attention to the Aggies.

“I really like the quarterback at New Mexico State and the little slot they have. He’s an exciting player. Last year New Mexico State had a running back that didn’t play against us – I can’t think of his name but I remember watching the tape. He’s a really talented kid.”

Jones was talking about Chase Holbrook and Chris Williams initially. As for the running back, Jones was discussing Justine Buries who sat out the majority of last season with a knee injury.

Jones went on the talk about San Jose State as well but went back to the Aggies later in the presser.

“The sleeper to me, I really do believe this because Hal (Mumme) has a quarterback, is New Mexico State. They lost two or three, maybe even four really close games last year. If they won those, they would have been like San Jose last year – 8-4, 8-3. They seem to have taken a step up.”

Here’s the 2007 WAC football preseason media poll
Hawaii (32 first place votes, 494 points)
Boise State (26, 490)
Fresno State (361 points)
Nevada (337)
San Jose State (321)
New Mexico State (233)
Louisiana Tech (157)
Utah State (110)
Idaho (107)

Coaches poll
Hawaii (6 first place, 62 points)
Boise State (3, 59)
Nevada (45 points)
Fresno State (40)
San Jose State (39)
New Mexico State (31)
Louisiana Tech (25)
Utah State (13)
Idaho (10)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Buries. How's his knee? Is he 100%?
What about AJ Harris' situation. Is he getting suspended? How many games?

Fall camp starts on the 5th and we are in pre-season mode.
Geoff Grammer did a heck of a job w/ the FB team. Are you up for the challenge????

Anonymous said...

I think if Buries is not ready to go that Bell the freshman will get the start. I think J. Williams is good, but I rather have him as a back-up WR. Buries ran for almost a 100 yards against Hawaii two years ago, but Buries left the game in the 3rd Quarter.

Anonymous said...

why isn'there a big campaign this year regarding the aggie football? season tickets? i have not heard of type or promotions. just take a look at the nmsports website. there's nothing! the website is poorly managed. why don't they do something about it?