Sunday, September 23, 2012

Video analysis: Aggies beaten on homefield by Lobos

New Mexico State loses 27-14 to in-state rival New Mexico. A recap:


WIAggie said...

the mistake here was hiring CDW, I said that from day one,and last night i was proving right and now that mistake has killed any support for the football.

Teddy what's your take on this?
will NMSU fire Coach Walker?

It's not all lost, there's still a very very small window of hope........but the needed housecleaning must happen no later than November 1

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:35
NMSU won't fire CDW.
As much as I like him, I'm amazed how flat his team comes to play on Saturdays.
He's also regarded as a defensive coach, yet, his defenses @ NMSU can't seem to stop a runny nose.

It's pretty sad to see the season take a nose dive...the worst part is that this is the easy part of the season.

Anonymous said...

Boston is the one that needs to go, not Walker. Walker does the best he can with what he's given. Boston doesn't believe NM State belongs in a quality conference. He thinks Las Cruces people and NMSU students/alumni/fans are ok with losing and being mediocre at most sports.... it's a comfortable job for him. Easy money until he retires. Boston has done nothing to try to help NMSU compete at a higher level. The AD's in this area where I now live...UTSA, Texas State and even Incarnate Word want to improve and want to take their schools/sports to a higher level....they are way more energetic and enthusiastic than Boston.

People in Las Cruces and at NMSU have to make a big deal about it..if they don't care, then they should just drop football to I-AA and the other sports should join the Big Sky. Moving up to a higher level is a very serious business that requires total commitment and everything involved in the process is a big deal....but Boston seems happy with everything as is...he doesn't seem to care because he knows people in Las Cruces will not get angry and will not do anything about it..he'll still keep getting his check for doing nothing for NMSU or Las Cruces.


Anonymous said...

Our rivals seem to be getting better while our team has gotten worse.

How can you come out flat against your two biggest rivals?! C'mon have some pride!
There were 25,000 fans cheering for you, the fans paraded you thru the tailgate lots and you come out FLAT?!!!

This pre-season bowl talk was more BS from the Athl. Dept. trying to sell tickets.
Nothing but lies. UTSA is the last (slim)chance to get home "W" this year.

Teddy said...


Coach Walker will not be fired by NMSU. Nor do I think his firing would make this team better. NMSU hasn't been to a bowl game since 1960. Let's stop acting like every coach that's walked through the door is a bad one. It's the system and program that's broken, not necessarily the coaching.

Anonymous said...

WOW........Really guys?
You think the issue here is something other than coaching? This team is way out of shape! This team is using the same offensive gameplan week after week! This team can't manage a basic wrap up in tackling! I watched the practices last week. The plays designed for UNM looked good in practice! THEN.....Were never run in the game!! I see more talent on the bench than on the field! ALSO...If Walkers kid is out for the season....and has never played a snap, why is he still listed as a player in the depth chart in the program? THIS IS NOT A MONEY ISSUE....IT'S A COACHING ISSUE!!