Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For Aggies, UTSA game won’t be an easy one

Assuming that the University of Texas-San Antonio will be an easy opponent for New Mexico State University this weekend would be a mistake.

Yes, the Roadrunners are in their first year on the FBS level and in just their second of football existence, period. But UTSA is also a scary team coming to Las Cruces this Saturday.

For starters, they have a 4-0 record (granted, they haven’t beaten particularly anyone this year). Still, with wins over South Alabama, Texas A&M-Commerce, Georgia State and Northwestern Oklahoma State, UTSA will come into Saturday’s game with confidence.

That, and they’ll be fired up. This will be the Roadrunners first WAC game in program history and they’ll be ready to go. They run a multiple offense — they’ve been seen in a spread option, will throw the ball deep and have a mobile quarterback in Eric Soza. The team has some athletes, are in a fertile recruiting ground, have financial backing and an experienced coach in Larry Coker.

The Aggies are coming off a tough loss to New Mexico and will need to get their engine revved up for this one. The Roadrunners certainly will.

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Anonymous said...

"Aggies...will need to get their engine revved up for this one."

Judging the past couple of performances, NMSU's engine is running on empty.

Honestly, I don't think NMSU will win anymore games this year.

Anonymous said...

The Regents just placed President Couture on leave and is expected to be canned by the weekend.

There are bigger issues than football for the decision but, the way she handled (better yet, didn't handle) the whole re-alignment/ WAC mess, is reason enough to send her packing.

As much as I agree with the regents. It's more bad news for NMSU.

Ath. Dir. McKinley Boston's days are now numbered for the same reasons!!! Yaay!

With more bad news affecting our football team. UTSA will win. Just too many distractions for NMSU.

Anonymous said...

The next depressing loss will be to a program that is only in it's second year. Once again we will be outplayed and outcoached. Sound familiar. And yes UTSA is in fertile recruiting ground, but we could recruit in this area also if we had something to sell--but who wants to play for a constant loser.

WIAggie said...

So Teddy
With the firing of President Couture
dose walker have to win out to keep his job?

it's safe to say that Dr. Boston will be fired by the new president.

what's your take on this?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the NMSU Football team. They just made ESPN's "Bottom 10"....and the toughest part the schedule is yet to come.

At least we know the national media see's the same thing us local fans are watching on Saturday.

Teddy said...


Does Walker have to win out? Vince Lombardi wouldn't win out with this team/situation the program is facing. Understand that it takes a lot more than a good head football coach to win at NMSU. There needs to be a commitment to football from the entire administration.