Saturday, September 15, 2012

Predicting the Aggies at UTEP game

The Aggies will need to play a COMPLETE game tonight. Four quarters of football, where they control the clock and the game’s tempo. Running the ball effectively is a must. NMSU ran the ball 16 times for 53 yards in the first half against Ohio. They finished the evening with 30 carries for 71 yards. The Aggies need to take those first-half numbers and replicate them the whole game.

The belief here is that they’ll be opportunities in the short-to-intermediate passing game. UTEP will look to take away the Aggies deep-passing attack — similar to how the Miners did last year with a pressure-based scheme — which means NMSU will have to look short. Quarterback Andrew Manley will need to play possibly his best game as an Aggie — he just won’t have much margin for error. We hate to say a player must perform perfect, but in Andrew’s case, it could very well ring true. He’s going to have to be superb tonight.

We remember last year’s Miners game and the first thing that comes to mind is special teams. UTEP was exceptional, and the Aggies were not. In most respects that was the game in a nutshell. This is always a key to watch and it will be no different tonight, where NMSU has to at least be head-to-head with the Miners.

The logical pick in this football game is UTEP. They’re 12-point favorites for starters, on their home field in the Sun Bowl. Secondly, so much has to go right for NMSU to win.

With that being said, we’ve been hearing all offseason the Aggies believe they’re a bowl team. We know how important this season seemingly is for Aggie football. And, at 1-1 on the year and with the schedule that lies before them, we understand the importance of this particular game.

Upsets do happen in college football. This would qualify as such.

My prediction: New Mexico State 30, UTEP 27


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to congratulate UTEP on their win.

Anonymous said...

Let me be the second to congratulate UTEP on their win. Is it too early to cancel my travel plans to the Bowl game? Oh and by the way, I think it's about time to let Coach Walker find another job.

Anonymous said...

i think its time we go division 2

Anonymous said...

Our football team "has" been a division 2 or low division I-AA for a long time. We are I-A in name only. That's why I cannot understand the way some fans get all upset about us dropping to the Big Sky. It appears that we just do not have the funding or fan support to compete. Jim Hess,Tony Samuel,Mumme and Walker all tried, but you can't make a miracle. The biggest shame is that we can not even compete with one of the Rio Trio of bad teams. They just come out and kick our butt. I just hope we don't lose to the low-blows because they are still the worst team in I-A. I think if we lose to them the whole coaching staff should be fired the next day.

Anonymous said...

If you go division 2 What about the basketball team? You going to make them division 2 also, and get division two type players.

Anonymous said...

thats what menzie recruits we dont go past first round ever.