Friday, May 6, 2011

With or without Gillenwater?

Will Troy Gillenwater be back next season for the New Mexico State Aggie men’s basketball team?

I have a hard time seeing him coming back after declaring for the NBA Draft last month.

Do the Aggies need Gillenwater?

Certainly I think it would be nice if Troy was back in the fold. He’s a talented scorer on a team that lacked some firepower a season ago. The truth is that a fully-committed Gillenwater could take a good Aggie team on paper and take it to another level.

I think Troy would be better with Wendell McKines on the court — opposing teams are going to have to account for Wendell and pay attention to him. It will take the spotlight off Troy and he doesn’t have to be the club’s marquee player, which could suit him.

I also think for the sake of on-court chemistry it would be good if NMSU kept its core together for more than one season. There always seems to be a moving part.

But there could be some silver linings if Gillenwater departs as well. It would free up minutes for B.J. West and Renaldo Dixon, two players who flashed skill last year. And some recruits are coming down the pike who could help.

Troy was also a mercurial player who frustrated fans with his on-court demeanor last year.

If he leaves, it will create a void on a team that needs a go-to scorer. But it could have some subtle benefits as well.

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Anonymous said...

I think Troy is a an excellent talent who would benefit from another year. He has the potential of being the WAC player of the year next year. He also has a better chance of getting drafted. That said, if Troy wants to jump, he should jump.

The Aggies sure don't need anyone on the team who isn't completely committed, and who doesn't want to be on the team.