Friday, May 13, 2011

Tim Jacobs to UTEP

Maybe I’ll be wrong, but I have a feeling that Tim Jacobs will be a contributor for the UTEP Miners.

This year? That could be a stretch.

But I believe that Tim has the necessary basketball IQ to be a good Division I point guard.

He understands where all 10 players are on the basketball court and is the ultimate decision maker. He makes his teammates better from the most important position on the floor. He’s a mature player.

Yes, he doesn’t have the top-end athleticism that coaches get enamored with. So what? Can the kid play, or not? That’s what I care about. Tim can play and I think he’ll surprise.

Recruiting isn’t an exact science. Just because a kid doesn’t have any scholarship offers coming out of high school doesn’t mean he can’t play the game at a high level. Just ask former Aggie football cornerback Davon House. How did that work out for him?


Anonymous said...

Poor guy. UTEP? Ouch.

Anonymous said...

I agree Teddy I think in 3-4 years Tim Jacobs will be the guy with the most solid career out of this 5-6 D-1 players in state this year.

Anonymous said...

I can't blame him for going to utep and not NMSU.
Tim Floyd's a phenomenal coach.

While Marvin Menzo is known as the "Village Idiot" around town.

He will blossom under Floyd and will come back to bury us!


Anonymous said...

I hope Tim does really well. NM State is doing nothing with Boston and Menzies around. I would choose UTEP too.


Anonymous said...

Update on Jacobs. With the first week of official practice under his belt, he has impressed the coaching staff significantly. Teddy he just might see solid time this year. Nov. 19 against the Aggies, can't wait.