Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tyler Stampler

From what I hear, the Aggies have signed a kicker for the 2010 season, Tyler Stampler from Ventura Community College.

Here's Stampler's profile on rivals.

Kyle Hughes had a pretty decent season all around last year, but he carried a heavy load. He punted, handled kickoffs and field goals.

The apparent addition of Stampler will likely allow NMSU to move Hughes strictly to punting duties, assuming Hughes is eligible for the 2010 season.


Anonymous said...

He better be eligible or else the heavy load falls on this kid and were back to square one.

Anonymous said...

What about Z. Diaz and J. Davenport?

Anonymous said...

FYI McFarland from El Dorado in El Paso, gave a verbal to Texas. Word is he will play TE, when he gets to Austin.

Anonymous said...

Any word on the hiring for the last spot on the staff?