Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tee Martin leaves Lobos staff

Here's the story, courtesy of the Associated Press

Martin leaves New Mexico staff for Kentucky
The Associated Press
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Tee Martin, who led Tennessee to an undefeated national championship in 1998, has resigned after one season as New Mexico quarterbacks coach.
Martin told the Albuquerque Journal he’s taking a job as receivers coach at Kentucky, where he’s eager to work with newly hired coach Joker Phillips. Martin played at Tennessee under Kentucky’s offensive coordinator, Randy Sanders.
Martin also says he’s looking forward to being back in the Southeastern Conference.
A Kentucky spokesman didn’t immediately confirm the hiring.
New Mexico coach Mike Locksley said in a news release Thursday that losing good coaches is a part of college football. He says Martin did a great job with the Lobos, who were 1-11 last fall.
Martin helped Locksley implement a spread offense that accounted for 2,581 yards passing and 13 touchdowns.


NMSU Phantom said...

And the exodus up in Coyote country begins!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see UNM srtuggle under Lockesly. He is a terrible human being!

Anonymous said...

A 1-11 season and only 2,500 yards in a spread offense should get you fired...

Anonymous said...

My gut level reaction is that the Lobos are on a downswing. That leaves the Aggies with an opportunity to build a rep as the premier program in the state. Let's hope that is the way it turns out.

Meanwhile, can you do a little digging for us? Behind the scenes, are there any gray shirts who will be coming in, or perhaps some preferred walkons who show some real promise? Given NMSU's limited number of scholarships, getting some good non-scholarship guys is a key to depth and building the program. My sense is that DW likes to keep things pretty close to the vest, but is a square shooter if he is asked.

Finally, where is the process of filing the remaining coaching position? I'd think it's about time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this was in the works for some time.
Can you imagine how the recruits are feeling? They sign and 24hours later he's gone! Talk about being up front with the kids.

As far as our new RB's coach. I heard he's from the San Antonio area and is a heck of a recruiter!
We should hear something next week.

Anonymous said...

He had to leave for fear of getting punched! They know that "The Walker" is the real deal baby!
Back at that mens hoop game when they introduced Walker, that stuff was funny! Everyone was cheering the guy who won three games like he had just led us to the freaking Fiesta Bowl. Dang, this stuff is funny around here! I'm hungry, anyone have any snacks i can have?