Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mike Dunbar

Just got off the phone with Aggie offensive coordinator Mike Dunbar.

Dunbar said he started his new job on Feb. 16 and has already gotten into the film room and began evaluating his players.

“I've watched film on every returning player. Every one at every position,” Dunbar said. “I've been able to get a decent feel for what was done. And I also have a feel as to what we will become.”

Dunbar talked about schemes and what he will try to bring to the Aggie offense. Last year, NMSU struggled badly with the football in hand, finishing near the bottom in the NCAA in most offensive categories, including last in scoring offense — No. 120 — averaging 11.46 points per game.

“We'd like to spread the field, stretch the field,” Dunbar said. “We'll have multiple formations and work on the tempo aspects of our game. We will huddle, but we will also run no huddle. Unpredictability for an offense is the key to scheming against a defense. It's about finding a balance by keeping the defense off balance.”

With that being said, while Dunbar has much experience working with the spread formation, he said he will cater to what the Aggie personnel calls for. Sometimes the team will stretch the field, while other times NMSU could be seen in a two-back, power set.

“Our goal here will be to take advantage of our personnel,” Dunbar said. “You'll see elements of both (spread offense and power offense).”

The Aggies will open spring practice with open competition at just about every offensive position as Dunbar tries to evaluate what he has to work with.

“We've looked at it and discussed it as a staff,” Dunbar said. “I've told the kids — those that I've had a chance to speak with at this point — that it will be an open competition. We're looking to move forward and establish our identity as an offense.”

Dunbar has a long resume, one which includes holding offensive coordinator positions at Minnesota (2007-08), California (2006), Northwestern (2002-05) and Toledo (1992-93).

He compared the situation at NMSU — a struggling program, one which needs a jolt offensively — to the job he took over at Northwestern, as well as the head coaching position he held at Central Washington University from 1987-91.

“We're striving for improvement within the program,” Dunbar said. “I look forward to helping coach Walker and the staff get the team to where we want it to be.”


Walker replied in a text message that the Aggies still have not hired a running backs coach at this point and time.

“Not yet,” Walker wrote.

From what I've gathered, they have someone in mind and are waiting approval from the school. Why is this taking so long?


ESPN did a piece on Aggie football. Here's the link....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I read the ESPN article and clicked over to the WAC blog, why is NMSU the last school to start Spring Practice? What goes into deciding when the school starts? Who makes that decision?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Coach Dunbar. He's got a tough task ahead of him.

No QB's, no WR's and no TE's.
On the plus side, he's got Seth Smith and a pretty good O line.

So when does Spring practice start again?

NMSU Phantom said...

I get the feeling that the offense will surprise everyone by the end of spring drills!! I don't think it is so much the players as it was the bad coaching plays by Rosenbach and his bad mentoring of his QB's. Just cause you play in the NFL doesn't mean you can coach kids!

Most of the offense was recruited to play in a spread offense when Dumme was here!

You will all see the improvement, fast too!! Cheer up everybody, it is going to be fune! :)

Teddy said...

Great players help make a coach's job much easier.

We're going to find out this year if in fact the problem last year was coaching or a lack of talent.

Anonymous said...

I think we will be a much improved offense. I look for the O-line to be nasty, and expect open comp @ WR position will make for some good battles.

Excited about spring ball. I think the reason we start so late is to let the March winds blow through hopefully and have better weather for spring practice.

BOSS HOGG said...

Teddy, When you can NOT pick up a first down on third and five, (to save your life!)without running a candy ass delayed draw to Seth. It is a lack of talent.

On third and five every OC in the country is going to call one of maybe five plays (bubble screen, slant, out, or hitch or maybe a TE pop).

Once the play is called the players must be able to execute. Linemen must block, QB's must make the reads and the throws, and WR's/TE's must get open AND catch the ball!

Anonymous said...

Dunbar made music when he said he would adapt to the personnel. I'm sick of system coaches, who act like they know only one system and the players be damned. I was concerned when Dunbar was described as a spread offense coach. Apparently he is more. Coach Dunbar, run the option if that is what our personnel call fo.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Anon. 11:47

A good coach will play to his team strength.
You may recall when Hal Dumme came here he inherited a 5-7 team and went 0-12.

Because he was hell bent on his Air Raid vs. trying to win a couple of games.
He could of run the option from a spread formation and beaten Idaho or USU.

I look forward to seeing coach Dunbar get creative!