Monday, March 9, 2009

McKines misses team

How did Wendell McKines not finish on one of the two all-conference teams?

I take nothing away from the players who made it. But I look at the 2nd team and wonder.

Sylvester Seay and Roderick Flemings both had good years - statistically speaking. But both play on losing teams. Fresno and Hawaii are competing in Tuesday night's play-in game. Winning should count for something.

Wendell put up monster numbers and he could be the fans' favorite Aggie. But here's why I think he was left out of the shuffle....

In many people's mind, Wendell is a tremendous role player. That might not be the case, but it could well be the perception. The bottom line is that he's a workman, who is a better rebounder and hustle player than scorer. I know he averaged 12.2 points per game but, again, I am talking about perception. People in Las Cruces see him play more than anyone else and, in turn, have grown a great sense of appreciation for the type of player he is. But I could see how others outside of the team and the town could underrate him as a player.

In the end, the kid averaged a double-double on the year. And it was a beastly double-double at that. There should have been some postseason recognition for him. The Aggies wouldn't have been the same without him.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post TF. Big Wen got HOSED!

Aggie007 said...

Agreed; Wendell got the shaft. The other coaches see him as a role player? Do they not look at the WAC stats?? He LED the WAC in rebounding with 10 rbs per ... more than 3 than the 2nd place player; and scored 12 points a game. Unbelievable. Menzies and Dr. Boston should flex some muscle to the WAC so this doesn't happen again.
At least go to the media to show some disgust and not let this slide like they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Why do you interview all WAC coaches and ask why they did not vote for him?

Anonymous said...

He's the only player in the WAC to average a double, double and still gets the SHAFT!!

That says how much other schools respect NMSU!
Aggies need to go get some respect this week!!

Anonymous said...

Ask Nevada if they see him as a role player. Wendell's ommission basically makes the All WAC team a complete joke!

Anonymous said...

TF, every time I visit and see the title of the post, my heart skips a beat (thinking he wasn't in Reno).