Sunday, March 8, 2009

Facing Boise State

I know they went 0-2 this year against Boise State, but I think it's an OK matchup for the Aggies in the first round of the WAC Tournament.

First off, think back to last season's tourney. It's really hard to beat a team three times in one season. And I don't think Boise State is that much better than NMSU.

The Aggies could have won up there this year. And down in Las Cruces? It could have very well been NMSU's worst game of the season, at least from a defensive standpoint. Hopefully, the Aggies go into this contest with a sense of redemption on their mind.

I had a bad feeling about Idaho in the first round. Avoiding them, in my mind, was a good thing for NMSU. Same with Louisiana Tech. Both of those teams scare me. Let them beat up on each other.

NMSU will need to play better interior defense, that's for sure. Controlling the paint is a must. NMSU was outscored 44-26 inside during the last game. Mark Sanchez missed Game 1 for Boise and returned for the finale. He's a pretty good player and can impact the game.

At the end of the day, NMSU is wildly unpredictable. With that being said, I think in this case it can work to their advantage. 0-2 vs. Boise this year? Beating them in game three would be make perfect sense for this team.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see if the intensity and defensive effort will finally show up.

Personally, I want to see the Aggies play, 40 minutes of pure hell!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Aggies are a team that Boise doesn't want to face for the same reason we don't want Idaho or La Tech. The Aggies have talent that at least equals that of Boise, and Boise knows it.

Play a little "D" and make an extra pass or two on offense, and the Aggies will win going away.