Friday, July 25, 2008

Preseason polls

NMSU was voted to finish in seventh place by both the media and the coaches at the WAC football conference this week.

I can't say I'm surprised by this. And really, it has nothing to do with the Aggies. I actually think that NMSU has a chance to be a good team heading into 2008. But the WAC is just tough. Boise is Boise and Fresno is Fresno. Nevada will be good. Look out for Louisiana Tech too. I had them finishing above Hawaii in my poll. And I think they could be right there with Nevada when it's all said and done, knockin' right at that door.

Hawaii and San Jose? I really think if things break NMSU's way, they could finish above one of these teams or both. To say Hawaii lost some key pieces in the offseason would be a drastic understatement. San Jose is an underrated football team. They weren't bad last year and they had no ground game. They have good coaching. They will need someone to emerge at QB and get better play out of there running backs but look out for Yonus Davis. The kid was the real deal two years ago before getting hurt in 2007.

Where does that leave NMSU? In seventh. Tough to argue. Could they finish in the top 5? Sure. But things will have to fall right. Top 4? I don't think so. Not unless some big dogs fall. Not likely.


Anonymous said...

First of all, why did it take a month for you to put a new topic on your blog?
If you want to your blog to be succesfull, you need to be more consistent.

Second, I noticed Felix was at the WAC media conference and you were covering the Native American game in Las Cruces.
Are you or Felix, or both going to be the beat writers for NMSU FB?

I was pretty optimistic about the season then Woods and Fakalata are out.
The Offense has never been the problem. It was the defense that has always been the weak link and now, things might be getting worse.
Even before opening day!

El Hombre

DB said...

Maybe Teddy went out of town anonymous. You know, people do take vacations every now and then. and up until this previous Hiatus from Teddy, he was always consistent with putting up blogs.
Anonymous - - - Chill Out!!
As for the Aggies: I do think they will finish between the 7th and 4th place range. If they get going early and win their big rival games against UTEP and the Lobos, then maybe they will get some momentum and make a serious run at a top 5 finish. However, if they struggle at the start, I think they'll struggle in the WAC. It all depends on their defense, too. Will it be up to the standards we are expecting it to be up to, now that Dunn has taken over??

Anonymous said...

I know we are all excited for the football season. This needs to be the year we break out and sustain an effort. We have to be able to do it week after week.

What is wrong with Woods and Fakalata?

Do we have injuries or grade issues? Teddy; can you look in to that?

Why do we open up with Nichols State? Will that really get us tested and ready for the games to follow? I know its hard to schedule here in Las Cruces, but don't you think we could have bought a better team?

Anyway, we have the makings of a good team and season.

Teddy said...

Both Fakalata and Woods have shoulder injuries.

Woods is expected back by midseason, i.e. conference play while Fakalata looks to be more substantial.

As for Nicholls State, the Aggies open up against them because Wyoming backed out. NMSU was forced to scramble late.

Anonymous said...

although nichols state it I-AA they are very good. they were ranked top ten in that division last year. so for all of you who think they are not good you are poorly mistaken. if a powerhouse like michigan can lost to app state then it is not to far feched to think nichols state cant come in and beat a mediocre aggie football team. i hope the aggies pound them but lets not look to far ahead.

Anonymous said...

Nicholls St. beat Rice last year!
I hope the Aggies aren't looking past them.
They looked past Arkansas PB last year and almost lost and Chase had his ribs cracked because of the teams oversight!

What's the deal with all of these weight room shoulder injuries??!
Are their mechanics out of whack or is no one supervicing these kids?

Looks like it could be a long defensive season.

Tuff as Nails said...

I think the WAC's top four teams will look like this, with all four teams going to a bowl.

1. Fresno State, the cream of the crop.
2. Boise State, they don't the qb to take them to the top spot.
3. Louisiana Tech, the suprise team of the WAC. They do have a good qb.
4. New Mexico State, the best qb in the league and improved defense.

After seeing Nevada in the New Mexico Bowl, I don't think they are all THAT!