Friday, April 11, 2014

King Davis III moves to defensive back for Aggie football

King Davis III’s stay at running back didn’t last long.

The former quarterback, who was moved to running back this spring, has been moved to defensive back according to Aggie coaches.

Defensive coordinator Larry Coyer and secondary coach Will Martin said they’re excited about the move for Davis. They cited his athleticism - which is impressive - while Coyer mentioned the fact that as a player with quarterback experience, Davis understands the game.

Coyer spoke of another former Aggie quarterback, Travaughn Colwell, who similar to Davis is playing defensive back this spring. While Colwell will be a senior player in 2014, Davis is entering his sophomore year of eligibility.

“They know situations, they know how to study tendencies," Coyer said. "They know all that. They’re both good guys.”

Similar personnel moves could follow for the Aggies going into the 2014 season. The team is in fact bringing in five freshmen quarterbacks for fall football, yet one would think not all will remain at the position entering the season.

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