Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quotes from a recent Doug Martin interview

Earlier this month, a story appeared in the Sun-News regarding Aggie head football coach Doug Martin, who will also coordinate special teams at NMSU. In case you missed it, click here for the full article.

There were other tidbits from my sit-down interview with Martin that did not make our print or online edition. Martin was officially named head coach at NMSU in early February, and he’s made a good first impression on Aggie fans, followers and community members over the past weeks.

Below are some other noteworthy comments he made during the interview:

Sun-News: The school’s done more in terms of (hiring) assistant coaches: New offensive coordinator, bulking up strength and conditioning, two linebackers coaches. Did you also look at it (coaching special teams) and say, ‘there’s only so much we can do here in terms of assistant coaching salaries, this is one area we don’t have to fill?’
Martin: “That really had nothing to do with it. A big part of it was getting Gregg Brandon to come here as offensive coordinator. I feel really comfortable that I don’t have to be as involved in the offense, as a coordinator per se. It freed me up to do a lot more things. That was a big deal.
“I think that’s a big deal for us in the community too. I think the head coach here needs to do a lot of things off the field also. To get people in this community involved, people on this campus involved. It’s hard to do that when you’re the offensive coordinator, and the head coach. But you can do that in the role I’m in right now.”

Sun-News: The days of the head coach watching four hours of film per day are over.
Martin: “Unless you’re at some place that has just unbelievable resources. Alabama can do stuff like that. They’ve got unlimited resources and tradition and those types of things. But it’s hard to do at most places.”

Sun-News: The two coordinators and the head coach (at NMSU) all have head coaching experience. That’s unique here.
Martin: “I’d say that’s probably unique for most places to be honest. It’s a great advantage for us. (Offensive coordinator) Gregg Brandon has some experiences that are real valuable for us, so does (defensive coordinator) Dave Elson, I do. Us three together can really be very specific in what we want to get done on both sides of the ball. We all have experiences in recruiting that are valuable for us here. It’s helped us mold a plan and philosophy here about how we want to approach things.”

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