Friday, March 29, 2013

PODCAST: Aggie football to the Sun Belt, Aggie hoops season recap and Marvin Menzies' future

Check out this week's podcast with Sun-News Sports Editor Teddy Feinberg and Editor Sam Wasson on New Mexico State Aggie sports. This week the duo talks Aggie football to the Sun Belt, Aggie basketball recap and NMSU head basketball coach Marvin Menzies' visit to Texas Tech. Click here to listen.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is now two years in a row that I have been severly teased that Marvin Menzies was leaving.

Patrick NaySay

Anonymous said...

Isn't time to move on ? I think it's baseball and softball season.Isn't it time to hear from the GREAT Rocky ,what's his name again ?

And isn't there some spring ball going on in other sports.The Aggie volleyball team played in a recent tournament in Arizona and apparently the self anointed elite head coach has gone into hiding since being mauled by a bunch of Cougars at BYU.