Sunday, October 28, 2012

VIDEO: Aggies postgame press conference vs. Louisiana Tech

DeWayne Walker, players react to 28-14 loss to No. 24-ranked Louisiana Tech

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Anonymous said...

I'm not big on moral victories but, as bad as the team has been...they played a decent game on Saturday.

The score was 7-0 LaTech at halftime and everyone stood up and cheered the effort as they headed to locker room!

The turnovers have got to stop! They are just killing the drives! A WR in motion gets hit by the snap and LaTech recovers... SERIOUSLY!!
Knuckle headed stuff like has got to stop!

Sadly, very little people showed up to the game. I heard only 600 students made it to the Homecoming game. SAD.

Wouldn't it be something if NMSU could beat Auburn? I'm just sayin.