Friday, October 26, 2012

Sources: Establishing the Aggies independent schedule

Through reports and sourcing, we've compiled what is believed to be the majority of the Aggies 2013 independent football schedule. Nothing's been released from NMSU at this point. Here's what we've learned:

2013 home games
Abilene Christian
Florida Atlantic
(*Note: Aggies would like to establish one more home game on schedule)

2013 away games
New Mexico
(*Note: We understand Aggies could schedule sixth road game against BYU)


Anonymous said...

Minnesota will play in Las Cruces?
I checked out the Gopher's website they have one TBA date on Sept. 7

The home schedule looks good. Not crazy about the road games @UCLA & Texas.

So Boston want's us to pay @BYU again?! Didn't coach Walker say he wanted a winnable schedule??!

Boston doesn't care, he's thrown CDW under the bus so, why stop now?

Anonymous said...

The games against "Big Boys" are for budgetary purposes. Schools like NMSU get paid fairly well to take those road games. If independent programs have the right attitude in terms of scheduling, there's no reason they can't go at least .500 and arrange for a bowl invite somewhere. The Aggies and Idaho will never be Notre Dame or BYU in terms of being profitable or competing for a National Championship, however, both programs have some control in who they face now by not being tied down by a conference.

Initially, they can't be too choosy. Nevertheless, the short-term goals of both Idaho and New Mexico State should be to schedule a couple of games to cover costs and then take on schools that they match up better with (like lower tier Mountain West, Sun Belt, MAC, and C-USA schools). Heck, at least they'd be more competitive (one would think so). A long-term goal is to gain admission into the Mountain West or Sun Belt to take part in revenue sharing.

Anonymous said...

Why not. If we are going to lose to Idaho for peanuts, why not lose to Texas for a payday. Just don't schedule the game after Texas plays (loses to) OU.

Anonymous said...

Oops, FAU is a road game. Looks like the Aggies need to find one more home game ce-auburn-miami-usf-and-new-mexico-state-in-2013.a spx

Anonymous said...

I would like to see NMSU as a football only member of the MAC and back to the Missouri Valley for all other sports.