Thursday, February 23, 2012

A good marketing ploy for Aggies would be a winning football season

How can the New Mexico State Aggies make themselves more marketable in conference realignment?

Well, having a winning football season this year would help.

And, yes, this is something the Aggies are capable of doing — at least getting six wins and to a .500 record.

We've written about it before, conference's are looking for TV markets and football success. And I also believe they're looking for an overall financial commitment to athletics.

A good deal of the conference realignment activity is out of NMSU's hands, although, in the present, a winning football season in 2012 would help their cause.

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Anonymous said...

Unless there is something going on behind the scenes, it doesn't look like the NMSU athletic director has a clue about positioning the Aggies for a move to a new conference.

It's a shame when you see Carl Benson, who was all for keeping the WAC together, taking a powder and heading off to the SBC. It's a shame when our own athletic department keeps its collective head buried in the sand when all this movement is going on around us.

Anonymous said...

It's simple fellas and the majority of NMS fans will agree the answer is downgrade to FCS for football and a move to the Big Sky Conference.

This move would save NMS tons of pesos to start with. Then you use that extra cash to build on and some day when urban crawl from El Paso reaches Las Cruces you will be part of a very large TV market that is if the Mayans are wrong and the world doesn't end on Dec. 21st 2012 as they predicted.

Anonymous said...

It won't matter if El Paso eventually makes it to Las Cruces. UTEP would not be part of the CUSA/MWC merger if it wasn't part of CUSA to begin with. The proof of that is Nevada, Fresno, Hawaii, San Jose, Boise...all getting an invite into the MWC and Whotep not getting a sniff. UTEP and NMSU are just alike in desirability; that is they aren't wanted.

Aggies want to get in a bigger, better conference, they better earn their way in. That is the only way that will happen, even if LA or Dallas expanded all the way here.

J.D. Benavidez said...

Anon 2:12, I don't think the majority of NMSU fans agree that we should move down to FCS. We've managed to make it this far in D-1 (FBS, or whatever you want to call it now), it would be a huge hit to our pride to move down. I know, I for one do not want UTEP or UNM to have that over us forever. As long as we are in our division we should be competitive with them.

Another thing is...we are improving. This year could bring big things for the Aggies. I believe in Coach Walker and I think he will put a much improved team on the field in 2012.

If we move down, that is gone.