Friday, February 24, 2012

Aggie hoops locked in, rolling

The New Mexico State Aggies are white-hot at this point of the year.

Again, chemistry seems to be at an all-time high for this team.

Such a thing is tough to judge in a win over Northern New Mexico.

In a 115-73 win over Hawaii, it's obvious that they are really locked in — a win was expected of UH, but not in that kind of fashion.

Daniel Mullings with a triple double and it wasn't skimpy on the points — 28 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and five steals.

Mullings shot a high percentage from the floor, going 11 of 15.

His block off the backboard that started a fastbreak, alley-oop slam dunk to Wendell McKines? Ridiculous.

One would hope a player like Mullings would help put more fans in the seats — another disappointing crowd at the Pan Am on Thursday.

I really think the Aggies have a very good shot at beating Nevada in the WAC Tournament — just a feeling.

Again, if NMSU plays the Wolf Pack in the third game of the three-day tournament — a scenario that would happen if both teams advance to the championship game — it would seem like a good matchup for the Aggies. Both teams will be fatigued, but Nevada might rely on their legs more than a big, strong and physical NMSU team that is going to look to pound the ball inside regardless.

A few things on this…..

First off, are the Aggies peaking too early?

They still have a home game against San Jose State and road games at Nevada and Fresno State before the WAC Tourney.

I really think it could benefit the Aggies to lose to Nevada in Reno before the end of the regular season.

For starters, I think if Nevada and NMSU played 10 times, the Wolf Pack would win more than half of those games. And if they beat NMSU twice in conference play, than the percentages start shifting the Aggies way. That, and it's just hard beating a team of comparable talent three times in one season.

I also think the Aggies play better as an underdog, when there is some doubt in the minds of others about their chances.

Thinking back to their last two WAC Tournament titles, they did play the role of underdog. Think they are suited for it, not necessarily with a target on their back.

Then again, even if the Aggies beat the Wolf Pack in Reno to close the regular season — and even the series at 1-1 — it would set up for a very interesting WAC championship game.

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Anonymous said...


With Idaho's loss Friday night to Utah State, the Aggies are in good shape to take second in conference going into the WAC tourney. NMSU could go 2-1 over the last three games...with a loss to Nevada, and wins Saturday in Las Cruces beating 1-10 San Jose and next week against 3-8 Fresno, and be in second place to start the tourney.

As far as the fans, NMSU has done little-to-nothing to get fans in the stands. I work on campus and there is no "buzz" about the basketball team. Zilch. You'd think you'd see the athletic department camped out at Corbett Center with some giveaways or posters or something. Nope. It's a shame when you have 15,000+ students walking around the Las Cruces Campus, and we can't get 1,000 into the stands. That is more on the university than on the students.

And the Sun News with its sports section doesn't help by requiring a fee to read the online paper. Students aren't going to shell out the coin to read the Sun News online when they can get better content for free. And this is slightly off topic, but the El Paso Times, parent company to the Sun News, is free for online viewing. Why is that?

Getting the folks into the Pan Am center takes more than an article in the student news paper and the coach pleading following a game. It takes some effort, planning, and creativity on the part of NMSU admin to pull it off.

Is there any wonder why the stands aren't filled to capacity?

Anonymous said...

Why no buzz about this basketball team not only on campus but nowhere else in the entire world ? Cuz who cares, it's just a WAC basketball team.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55,

I think there must be something to what you say. After all, who would know about "who cares" than you --- someone who doesn't have any friends, whose family loathes him, who can't buy a date. (I'm just kidding because I'm sure you are a popular guy.)

Obviously, you care a lot about the Aggies and how they do. It must just chap your hide to see them winning more than losing. I'm betting they even beat your team. You remind me of that girl from Hawaii, Pee J, who used to show up and cry about Aggie sports.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:53 is right on target with respect to Las Cruces' support and attendance at Aggie games. As much as everyone HATES that Theus comparisons keep coming up, even though he was a big draw on his own, he reached out to the community and students and actively recruited fraternities and sororities. Fans were being courted and appreciated and word got around that Aggie basketball was energizing and entertaining. While the players have been equally or more talented under Menzies, fans are not enamored with this coach - deservedly or not. Countless blog comments have stated that until the Aggies have another coach, writers will no longer be season ticket holders and will not attend the games. I am not a Menzies fan and never will be, but I am an Aggie and I'll be at the games long after Marvin Menzies moves on. Have I been disappointed in this year's teams play? Sometimes, but I'll continue to support these athletes every time they get on the court, win or lose. For those of you who have decided to punish the Athletic Director, the coach, the team, and NMSU by not attending the games, it's your loss. I wouldn't have missed this season for anything.

Mike said...

So NMSU spends all this money on a new court, new seating configurations for better viewing. And about 7 years ago poured millions into the Pan Am with a new concourse, practice facilities, score board etc, etc....
I went to school 1992-1996 and the first couple years, Aggie basketball was fanatic. We waited outside the Pan Am for hours with hundreds of other students, just waiting for the doors to open so we could run down to the front row and get the best seats in the student section (which was on the sideline)
Why the heck do they have the student section on the baselines only? Please someone give me a reason why they do this. Why isnt the AD's marketing department camped out in front of the library on campus giving out Aggie coozies and other stuff pumping up the week's big game? And what in the heck are the 100,000 plus residents of Las Cruces doing on a Saturday night instead of going to an Aggie basketball game? Please tell me what is more entertaining and community driven event than a cheap ticket to see a very exciting product? And nobody even shows up to send off these 3 seniors on senior night. There are much smaller schools with much worse teams with none of the tradition the Aggies have that pack their arena on most nights.This team has been playing top 25 basketball for the last month or so and nobody knows (except for us). I just don't understand any of it.