Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walker interview on

Some interesting stuff coming from DeWayne Walker’s interview on the Aggie sports website

He talks about the defensive coordinator position, some recruiting news and expectations going into next year. Click here to read. Good stuff.....

Some highlights from the Q&A:

• Walker talks about what he wants out of his new defensive coordinator: “Whatever coordinator I hire, we just want to be more creative, kind of getting back to doing things we did my first year in terms of more pressure and just having more of a variety of schemes to make it a little bit more fun for our guys and run around and these guys can make more plays.”

• Walker talks about hoping to bring in a junior college quarterback for spring football. For the record, there was talk of this before the season ended and before reports surfaced that Cole Gautsche switching his verbal commitment to New Mexico. Part of the reason could be the health of quarterback Andrew Manley, who’s recovering from a knee injury.

• Walker says that offensive coordinator Doug Martin will contribute in the hiring of an offensive line coach. “He’ll definitely have a hand in it,” Walker said. “We’ll sit down and look at resumes.”

• Walker talks about recruiting, adding that the team has its sites set on a punter.

• Lastly, Walker talks about next year’s schedule, which will also feature an FCS school in Sacramento State and a money game at Auburn.

Again, plenty more on

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Anonymous said...

Another $$ game at Auburn! When did our genius AD schedule this game, week 9?

Boston's an idiot!
One of Mumme's teams went to Auburn, lost, and there were injuries galore.
The outcome destroyed a promising season!!
The same will probably happen next year!

Way to continue to throw CDW and the team in front of the $$ train!


Teddy said...

NMSU is going to play money games. I believe they have some more on the horizon — at Texas and LSU.

Anonymous said...

We knew about UT and LSU in the horizon. We did not have a $$ game scheduled for 2012.

Instead of signing a home & home vs. teams that we can compete with like UNLV, Colorado St. etc.
Boston Almighty, goes against the fans wishes (becuase he's smarter than all of us) and schedules another $$ game!

You can't have a winning season with body bag games!
We don't have the depth to replace the eventual injuries from $$ games!

People keep talking about ending the bowl drought but, everyone knows that the FB team is decimated every time they play a BCS school!!

Was NMSU the same competitive team after it played Georgia? NO!

Anonymous said...

We need the money games at least its not two,we have an easier schedule than last year I predicted a 5-8 and 25 points per game and was so close. Next year I predict 7-5 and a better defensive effort.

Franco from LA

Anonymous said...

Minnesota was a money game this year. It's a fact of life for schools like NMSU.


Teddy said...

Having two is tough but they made $1 million at Georgia. Don't think the Aggie athletics department can turn down that kind of money.

K Aggie '98 said...

The money earned by playing GA is more than NMSU gets from the WAC TV deal! Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Jefe, I usually echo your sentiments, and while I hate the money games as well, the reality is that until the community decides to support this football team, we have to play them. The part I don't understand is why we always schedule the cream of the BCS crop like Georgia, Auburn, Texas, etc. why can't we get games against middle BCS schools where we can have a punchers chance to beat them. We need more teams like Arizona St, Minnesota, Texas Tech, Mizzou, Colorado. I'm sure these teams also pay teams to go play them.


Anonymous said...

Fine, schedule your stupid $$ games, Boston!

Injuries to the team will no longer make them competitive afterwards and the season will go in the tank...and so will the fans.

You will have to offer $5 tickets starting in week 8 just to try and make attendance minimums. Stupid @$$!

A smart man would know that NMSU will sweep both rivals and a favorable schedule would excite the fan base! Eliminating the $5 ticket sales at the end of the season.
But, Boston is smarter than all of us, right?

Anonymous said...


Stop being such a damn cry baby already. Utah St. almost beat Auburn this season, who says we couldnt possibly do the same? I do like how you claim to be looking into the teams best interests but immediately give up on them when they play a really good team. Also injuries can happen in every single game not just against the big boys. Just ask Manley who went down against, who was it? Oh the Mighty Miners. So much bigger and badder than our smaller NMSU players. You are such a tool.