Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doug Martin leaves Aggie football

New Mexico State is going to say they hire good assistant football coaches. And that's not necessarily a lie.

Heck, the team hired Doug Martin to begin with to be offensive coordinator.

But him leaving also, well, sucks. I'm not saying I blame Martin or NMSU for him leaving because I don't. He went to a better job — more money at a BCS program in Boston College.

But it still leaves the Aggies searching for their fourth offensive coordinator in four years. And I will stand by this all day: if you want to build a program, continuity is KEY. At least it's preferred.

The offensive players are going to have to learn a new system again — think about quarterback Andrew Manley here for a second.

And it would be nice if, once the Aggies got a good coordinator, they could hold onto him. Again, I don't see how they hold onto Martin here because they couldn't match the offer from a financial or program standpoint. All I'm saying is that it's a blow to lose him.

The Aggies have recruited better and they have some talent at the skill positions.

But that's the key word of the day: continuity. Just wish the Aggies could have some at key positions on their coaching staff.

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Anonymous said...

You can't keep good coaches when you are paying them peanuts.

NMSU will never be a winning program as long as the investment in the program is as it is.

Anonymous said...

True, you want to help donate money or buy some tickets! I hope we find the right guys! Don't blame Martin, but Boston college is a mid-level BCS at best, H.C. Is on the hot seat. I think he could have stuck it out here and had his choice of jobs! Possibly a head job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Boston,
With all these $$ games your scheduling.
How about using that $$ to give our assistants a bigger pay vs. the bread crumbs your giving them?!

With that said. I think the next O-coordinator should run the triple option.


The Cruces Kid said...

This is yet another blow to the NMSU football program; the devil has swooped in (this time BCS money not unm little brother syndrome) & taken yet another quality coach. NMSU football must now improve with yet its fifth Offensive Coordinator in as many years. I witness this season young men buy into & execute an offensive system that had improved 10 fold over the previous year. A system that allowed the Aggies to compete in all but three games this season. My hope for a bowl game next season has been completely dashed. I don’t know what coach Walker did to deserve this turmoil but even Job would have given into the devil after this latest obstacle. It’s been 50 years since the Aggies last bowl appearance & why do I feel like that drought could hit the century mark. Not even the ever optimistic Lou Holtz can see the positive in the constant turnover in the NMSU football programs coaching positions. Coach Walker believes that it is the ultimate form of flattery that our coaches are poached by every other school in the nation. So in Coach DeWayne Walker I put my trust & I personally will write a letter to the Vatican if he can ever get this program on solid ground, because only a saint could have the kind of patience & fortitude to bring this school to football prominence. Now I know what it is like to be a Cub fan! I never thought, having been born & raised in Las Cruces, that just getting to .500 in football would be a reason to have a mantaza & celebrate, but IF NMSU were ever to win a conference title a state wide holiday MUST be declared! I will continue to pray & ask the Blessed Mary to show love & mercy to my beloved school till either the Aggies win a title or completely abandon the sport of football altogether. Heck even Saint Monica after 17 years of begging the prayers of priests who, for a while, tried to avoid her because of her persistence at a seemingly hopeless endeavor was rewarded with the conversion of St. Augustine. Please excuse my over dramatization but after watching Coach Walker push that boulder up that “A” mountain these past four years all I can think about is why can’t my alum mater get just one lucky break? Brutal!

Anonymous said...

They would have to pay me billions to live in Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

11:25, you are ignorant!

There is blame to go around for everybody.

Boston, for not hustling enough to create the bonds with the community that would generate funds.

The Las Cruces community, for not seeing that their support would help the program.

The team itself for not winning any games to help draw the pathetic fans.

Susana Martinez for not taking care of her back yard and making sure that NMSU get equal funding to that other university. This in itself really pisses me off! I really thought that she would throw NMSU a bone while in office. She should be ashamed of herself! That other university up north pays their basketballball and football coaches 3 times what we do.

Coach Walker is about the only one that cannot be blamed for any of this. He is busting his tail with the extremely limited resources that he has. I wish him the best of luck. Hopefully he doesn't give up, but at this point I would not blame him.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet he is getting paid more as BC's offensive coordinator than Walker gets as Aggie head coach. You can't blame the guy. Hopefully Coach Walker can find another good coaching looking for an opportunity.

Anonymous said...


I dont understand why most aggie fans are so pesimistic, the AGGIES will improve next year.CDW will leave the aggies, when he takes em to a bowl game. Teddy you know better than that im happy for D Martin I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

People like to complain about athletes moving around, not showing any loyalty to their teams or teaming up with other players to win. Coaches are just as bad and this is just another example of it.

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way but at some point coaches also have to show some morals and not jump ship at the first chance they get. We want to complain about the many Lebron James in sports but yet coaches move around just as quickly for a chance to win. Martin was headed nowhere as a coach until Walker found him and the first chance he gets, bam he flies out like a bat out of hell. Where is the gratitude?

I understand that coaches need to make a living too and Boston College will pay here a lot more than what he was making here. But I am sure that coaches do not become coaches just because they want to get paid more money. Yet that is what always happens in the world around us. Just like you never see players who spend their entire career with one team anymore you just dont see coaches willing to stay and actually build a solid program at a University. And what could be bigger than turning one of the worst, if not the worst, college football program in history? BC may be in a BCS conference but its not like we can say they will win conference or go to a BCS bowl game under Martin.

Again, maybe its just me but I feel that before we lash out against athletes for being greedy and moving every year to win we should also hold coaches to the same standard. Walker has been a cut above the rest and in my opinion Martin should have shown just a tad bit more gratitude and stuck around a bit longer. I believe that if you really want to make something of yourself you build something that will be bigger than yourself. You don't hop around every chance you get just because the grass is greener on the other side.


Anonymous said...

Who cares if he leaves he didn't do anything spectacular anyway.

Do I need to remind you all that they finished 2-5 in the WAC and 4-9 overall ?

Anonymous said...

December 23, 2011 10:01 AM
Anonymous said...

They would have to pay me billions to live in Las Cruces.


And yet you spend your life trolling a Las Cruces blog. Pathetic.