Friday, January 7, 2011

Kyle Henderson at had an article on Mayfield running back Brandon Betancourt and his commitment to NMSU, along with UNM still showing interest.

This is something to keep an eye on as national signing day approaches. Betancourt is a local athlete who verbally committed to the Aggies, but UNM Has stayed on top of him.


Anonymous said...

If thee's a team NMSU can beat, it is unm.
I was very surprised that Locksley didn't get canned but, was very happy when I got the news.

Unm is sure "W" for the Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Please don't write about basketball anymore. Your article today is totally B.S. NMSU played great last night and you go and say it was a sloppy game. Well maybe for Hawaii but not for NMSU. L Sun News should fire you. Your horrible.

Teddy said...

No...Hawaii was horrible.

JD said...

Teddy....I like the coverage on football recruiting, and I am sure (and hope) you will focus more in the coming weeks with signing period looming.

Since someone opening up a thread on basketball there are a couple of questions. I don't live in LC and watched the SJSU game on ESPN3. Granted SJSU looked poor, but you have to look at the WAC and like NMSUs chances. Ags dropped a road game to good is Bosie and is USU the real deal??? It seems that their record is padded with cupcake wins?? With the tourney in Vegas this year it should give NMSU a nuetral site, and can our talent (Gillenwater) pull it off?

Teddy said...


The Aggies can win the WAC this year. The conference is not very good and NMSU is certainly a top-three caliber team in the league.

Boise State has some veteran players, but NMSU almost won up there and can beat the Broncos in Las Cruces or on a neutral court.

Utah State is a solid team but the Aggies have matched up well with USU in recent years and have the athletes to do it again.