Friday, January 14, 2011

Caleb Hull

Oñate High School raised eyebrows by selecting Caleb Hull to be it’s new head football coach on Thursday.

Hull comes in with no head coaching experience and wasn’t an offensive or defensive coordinator last year at Las Cruces High. He ran special teams, and also assisted with the lines.

I was surprised as anyone when his name was called. He beat out other coaches with longer resumes and who have ran programs. And, at the outset of the hiring process, he wasn’t on too many people’s radar.

I know the OHS athletics department has been taking some criticism for the move.

But here’s what I also know....

The Knights have to win, and they’re feeling more pressure than ever to do so.

They made the surprise move to hire Hull, but it’s also a bold move. And they believe he is the real deal.

And what’s wrong with hiring new blood? I’m all about giving the guy a shot and seeing what he can do.

But their will be scrutiny on the program if things don’t work out. Hull has a tough task in hopes of making Oñate a contender, along with crosstown rivals Mayfield and Las Cruces High, for the state championship.

He’ll have to attract local talent to the program on a consistent basis and have to beat MHS and LCHS. Wins are what will bring Oñate relevance in town.

The Knights didn’t go with a big name. They went with a coach who they think can win football games. Now lets see if he can do it.

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