Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike Dunbar leaving?

The powers of the Internet.

Rumors have started to run that Aggie offensive coordinator Mike Dunbar might be on the move again, this time joining friend Kevin Wilson, the new head coach at Indiana University.

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NMSU head coach DeWayne Walker said on Monday that he had not spoken to Dunbar and that, at this point, things are business as usual for the Aggies.

“He hasn't said anything to me,” Walker said. “His good friend got the job at Indiana. I haven't confronted (Dunbar) about it.”

Walker added that from what he can tell, Dunbar likes Las Cruces and that his family is close by.

“He's at an age now where he doesn't have to jump at those jobs,” Walker said.

Like all Aggie assistant coaches, Dunbar worked on a one-year contract last season. He was the team's highest-paid assistant at $77,000 annually.

He replaced Tim Rosenbach, who was coordinator at the school in 2009, Walker's first year at the school.

While the Aggie offense didn't produce much better — from a statistics standpoint — under Dunbar compared to Rosenbach, the unit was more watchable and appealing. NMSU threw the ball better and was more creative in its personnel groupings. The hope was that further recruiting and upgrading at key positions would allow the Aggies to continue and grow under the veteran coordinator, who has over 20 years of college coaching experience.

If he were to leave, it would be another blow for a program that needs positive news. Lets just see how this shakes out before jumping to a conclusion….


Anonymous said...

I like M Dunbar with a couple of joco wide receivers we can see how good he really is, oh and a better TE sorry nelson. I hope the WAC adds North Texas. Or one more AQ school I'm out

Anonymous said...

he is dumb if he sticks around here. dumb.