Friday, December 17, 2010

AD comments on Dunbar

New Mexico State Athletics Director McKinley Boston on whether or not Mike Dunbar would be leaving New Mexico State:

“I heard there (has been interest) from (a) Big 10 school. It's just hearsay.”

Dunbar has been linked to the offensive coordinator position at Indiana, possibly joining friend and new head coach Kevin Wilson with the Hoosiers.

Stay tuned....


frustaggie said...

Goes to show you WHO YOU KNOW IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN ABILITY !Poor clock mgt. Player mgt. and utilization.Lack of consistent offensive play selection and or imagination. leave already
Letting Jeff Flemming go?WTF was that all about, where is the wisdom and experience? Our team seldom looked prepared or confident.
I fear next year 3 wins if we are lucky. Walker will be gone as well , if we are lucky.

Anonymous said...

Apparently frustaggie did not see where the offense was at the last five games of the season. Averaging 335 yards total with 130 on the ground showed balance for a change. Looks to me like Dunbar was finally starting to see things payoff. You're upset they let Jeff Flemming go? Aggie QB's this year threw for 2000 yards with 9 TD's and 9 INTs. Last year the dreadful combo had 1140 yards, 6 TD's and 18 INTs.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 4:42
What is missing in your analysis is the offense under Rosie was very difficult (PRO) that was expected to take 2 years to develop. Dunbar put in a very simplified version of offense to kick start the program. It was much easier to succeed with the new version.

Also, Walkers merry-go-round QB's hurt the development of the offense during his first year. He single handedly destroyed any confidence the offense had as all the players questioned his decision making abilities.

If Dunbar leaves, the program has to start all over again....NOT GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, any news on the next Onate coaching hire? That's more interesting to me than anything the Aggies are doing.