Friday, July 30, 2010

Wide receiver coming to NMSU, will play this year

Spoke to Solano Community College wide receiver Kenonte Howard, who said he is coming to NMSU next Friday and will suit up for the Aggies in the fall.

“I've been talking to coach (R. Todd) Littlejohn since the middle of spring,” Hoawrd said. “My focus right now is my summer classes.

“I'll be there this fall.”

As of now, Howard is not a scholarship player, as he's expected to walk on at NMSU.

He had a big sophomore season at Solano — 72 catches, close to 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. He's also a big target — 6-foot-3, 205 pounds.

Expect the Aggies to add a few more pieces to the roster before camp as well, most likely on the offensive and defensive lines.


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I was reading that he was an all California JC player last year. Both he and Kenny Turner are solid players picked up from the Cal Juco system.

I know folks are concerned about Kenny Turner's past record, but that doesn't bother me. I worked at LaTuna for a couple of summers while I was in school, and I sww guys there who turned it around. Everything I've seen about Turner suggests he is one of the ones who lost his freedom and resolved to do what it takes to be a productive member of society as a result.

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Last name should be Howard, not Walker.

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He sounds like a great receiver, but will Walker use the pass this season?

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Far Out! a receiver who is taller than 5'7? happy day for us aggie football fans. lets get it started.

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I see that the Aggies get the latest start to football practice of all the FBS schools.

I sure hope they get after it once they are on the field.

I have seen all the projections, and the Aggies don't get a lot of support. Somehow, I think they will do better than expected (1 to 3 wins is the projection). Whether it is enough better to break even, will be a big question mark.

They could turn out to be the surprise team like Idaho was last year.

What is the scoop on season ticket sales? Will they reach last year's total?

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I believe will see more passing this year. I recently reviewed the 2009 season preview video on AggieVision and saw then OC Rosenbach talking about how he wanted to build a strong base on the running game and that the passing would come later. Apparently he neglected the passing a little too much even in practice and it was felt in the games last year. I believe that may have been part of the reason Walker decided to change OC after just one season. This could be an interesting season that gives a glimpse of what's to come.

devilscoach said...

I was looking at this seasons roster and noticed that the number 3 ranked WAC punter Hughes isn't on the roster. What happened? Who is going to do the punting? They might get a lot of work.