Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stephon Hatchett

According to Aggie football head coach DeWayne Walker, safety Stephon Hatchett will not practice with the team the remainder of the spring to focus on academics.

Hatchett, the team's third leading tackler last year with 98 takedowns, began spring practices behind Ben Bradley on the depth chart. Walker mentioned last week that Hatchett had some academic problems during the offseason.

Obviously this is a good move for the Aggies. Does spring practice make a huge difference? Not for a player who started every game last season in the same defensive system that will be ran in 2010. And NMSU doesn't have the depth to lose any key players to academics. Hatchett needs to get his act in order, and this allows him opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Given the problems with the Basketball team and eligibility of key players, this is a good thing. I hope that it is the result of Stephon realizing he needed to concentrate on academics (good for him) or of Coach Walker reading Stephon the riot act (good for Coach Walker).

Either way it is a positive sign that someone is attending to academics.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad, I liked his game.

He's obviously pretty selfish and need to be reminded why "student" comes before "athlete."

Aggie007 said...

Anon 4:18,
I 100% disagree with what you just said about Hatchett being selfish. Students struggle. All students struggle from time to time. He is not ineligible, but sounds like he's in the danger zone. Walker is making a very smart, strategic move to help Hatchett. What you said is wrong. From my interactions with Hatchett, he's a very respectful student and person. You can't say somebody is selfish if they struggle, especially with a football student-athlete's schedule. Have you ever struggled in your life? Chances are, you have; does that make you selfish?

Good move by Walker however.

Anonymous said...

Stephon (knowing him personally) is far from selfish and he takes the game of football very seriously. He is a hard worker and will maintain to keep playing. I'm a college student that does nothing extra and I struggle at times. Kudos to him for keeping it together as well as he did thus far. Love ya Boo Boo :)