Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring practice report, 4/7

The following players participated in line drills during Wednesday morning's Aggie spring football practice:

Defensive ends: Pierre Fils, Donte Savage, Chance Roberts, David Niumatalolo, Anthony Smith.

Defensive tackles: Branden Warner, Kawika Shook, John Finau.

Shook is playing defensive tackle during spring ball but is expected to shift back to end in the fall and into the season when the team adds tackles David Mahoney and Tommy Stuart to the roster.

Offensive tackles: Dwayne Barton, Matt Passwaters

Offensive guards: Sioeli Fakalata, Mike Yocius

Center: Mike Grady


The first string linebacker corps was Boyblue Aoelua in the middle, Kenny Evora on the strongside and B.J. Adolpho on the weakside.

Bryan Bonilla (Sam), Frank Padilla (Mike) and David Quiroga (Will) are the primary backups.


The Aggies will have a lot of depth at running back this year. Robert Clay can play, but will he get lost in the shuffle? He's been getting carries the first two days of the spring.


From what I saw — I attended the second half of practice on Wednesday morning — the best passing play of the day was when Jeff Fleming playfaked and threw over the middle, connecting with backup receiver Joe Cordova for a 20-yard gain. Nice throw, nice grab by Cordova, who was covered but went to his knees to make the catch.

Other than that, the quarterbacks struggled. NMSU had two picks for touchdowns late in practice, with Donyae Coleman intercepting a Tanner Rust pass and taking it to the house. Moments later, Josh Smith picked a ball off and returned it. Didn't see which QB threw the second pick. Trevor Walls nearly threw a third on the last play of the drill.

Wind could have certainly played a factor, as it was blowing 10-15 MPH.


Anonymous said...

10-15 mph winds is something these guys are going to have to learn to deal with. It's probably the avg wind gust in September and even October.

Anonymous said...

10-15 MPH winds are nothing!
The QB's need to step up for a damn change!!!

Anonymous said...

How does coach Dunbar seem to interact with the offense? Who was your standout player?

Teddy said...


From what I've seen, Dunbar is old school in approach. He's gotten loud a few times and lets the players know when he's unhappy. He's feisty.

That's what I've gathered so far.

As far as a standout player, I don't have one right now. It's early.

Chile Duck said...

Looks like my online depth chart is holding form. I wish we could get someone to step up at QB and get some separation from the others.