Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jahmar Young

Is there a problem with Jahmar Young declaring early entry into the NBA Draft? Absolutely not.

To me, this is a player who is serious about his future as far as basketball is concerned and wants to see what's out there in terms of pro possibilities.

Jonathan Gibson did the same thing last year. Did it effect his game? Not at all. Did it effect his commitment to NMSU? No. Jonathan had a great senior season upon his return, appearing in 34 games — 32 of which were starts — averaging 17.5 points per game, 2.79 assists, 1.38 steals while shooting 44 percent from the field, 40 percent from 3-point territory and 84 percent from the line. For the most part, these numbers were all jumps — in some cases, significant jumps — from the season prior for Gibson (31 games, 14.1 ppg, 2.09 apg,1.41 spg, 42% FG, 38% 3-FG, 68% FT).

Early draft entries contact NBA teams and schedule workouts with the respective clubs, where the players are ran through various drills. One could make the argument that the process helped Gibson last year. It certainly didn't hurt him or the Aggies.

"I'm just trying to test the waters," Gibson said when he made his decision for early entry last April. "It gives me a chance to get a better look, a better evaluation from the NBA teams. I'm just coming off my junior year. I've got nothing to lose."

How it's approached is the key. If Young goes in with that same mindset, that he has nothing to lose and keeps his options open in terms of returning to college ball, then I'm all for it.

He continues to improve as a player from year to year. Last season he averaged 20.3 points per game, while shooting 45 percent from the field. He shot 83 percent from the line. And he made clutch shots all year — game winner against Hawaii, game winner in WAC Tournament over Nevada, huge plays down the stretch at UTEP. Him and Gibson were the backbone of the team for much of the season.

I think Jahmar can make it at the next level because he does have that killer instinct on the court and he's not afraid to get the ball in crunch time. He's got some skills that make great players great.

With that being said, I don't see him getting drafted this year. I see him coming back to school next season. And the ultimate key for his future is the Aggies continuing to see success on the basketball court. If he can lead the team to some more wins, if he can lead the team back to the NCAA Tournament, those results speak for themselves. That's what I want on my team.

But there is also nothing wrong with him testing the draft waters and seeing what's out there. He's just going after his dream. That's fine.


Anonymous said...

His mouth is bigger than his game.
Fans and players love to watch "silent killers" vs. trash talkers.

Anonymous said...

Jahmar is wasting his time and money.

Anonymous said...

You two fatties are mad, Teddy is right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You two fatties are mad, Teddy is right.

April 1, 2010 10:21 AM


Hey little girlie,

Jahmar already knows what he'll find. No interest.

Anonymous said...

After being taken to school by Kalin Lucas, he ain't ready for the NBA. Hell be back.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kalin Lucas?

jd35 said...

I second that: who is Kalin Lucas?