Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aggie football question: can quality coordinators develop young personnel?

(Larry Coyer was brought in to help build the Aggie defense/Photo by Carlos Javier Sanchez)

While the New Mexico State football team took the spring practice field last week - and then took this week off for spring break - we look at the program's offensive and defensive coordinators, and what type of impact they can have on this particular team, and program.

Lets start out by saying, it's our belief the Aggies have two quality coaches in these spots: Gregg Brandon, who coordinates the offense, is experienced, and showed his capabilities last season, as the team's offense grew and improved over the course of the year. As for first-year defensive coordinator Larry Coyer, his track record and resume - nearly five decades coaching in the college and NFL ranks - speak for themselves.

With that, it appears the Aggies are on a certain track of their own. Brandon (who makes $180,000 per season) and Coyer (who earns $150,000 annually) were big investments for a program that has rarely if ever paid its coordinators that type of money. Not saying that these aren't good investments - having quality people at these two key coaching positions are essential in building a team. And it also shows the emphasis and direction the program is at least trying to move in.

Simply take a look at this past year's reruiting class, where the team signed 23 of a possible 25 players that will be true freshmen in 2014. While that is currently a youthful group, it's also a key one moving forward - these players could very well be the team's foundation in two, three and four years down the road.

And we've also said this before: 2014 could very well be an experimental season for Aggie football. Again, it will be a young team, with questions currently at various positions on the spring depth chart - quarterback, running back, a big-play wide receiver and across the defense.

But with quality coaching, the hope is that quality player development will follow. Perhaps the team will show improvement, and take steps forward. In actuality, seeing such rays of hope might be all fans and followers need at this point anyway.

We won't necessarily call it a surefire plan. But it appears to be a key ingredient nonetheless. And something to keep an eye on leading up to and throughout the 2014 season.

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Anonymous said...

Mumme brought, Ken Patera & Woody Woodenhoffer wealth of experience and the Aggie defense never got better.

If the players don't buy into it...It doesn't matter who you bring in.