Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Andrew Manley to transfer from New Mexico State

If you didn't hear by now, Aggie quarterback Andrew Manley will transfer from the football program following NMSU's 2013 spring practices.

The initial reaction was one of surprise. Manley had played well this spring, and was a veteran player entering his junior year.

But upon further review, Manley's departure shouldn't have come completely out of left field.

Even while having a good spring, he was No. 3 on the depth chart behind Travuaghn Colwell and Andrew McDonald. The reality is that it didn't have as much to do with Manley's performance as much as it had to do with the system being implemented by first-year head coach Doug Martin and first-year offensive coordinator Gregg Brandon: A spread-option attack, that relied on the quarterback to create with his legs as much as with his arm.

No, Manley is not a runner, but a drop-back pocket passer who could possibly flourish in certain offenses (preferably, those with a strong offensive line to protect him) but was not an ideal fit with what the Aggies want to do this upcoming season.

Entering his junior year, Manley finds himself in a tough spot from a timing standpoint: An FBS player who would have to most likely sit out a season if he transferred to another FBS school, or one who could take the field right away if he chose to play at an FCS program.

No matter what happens, we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

As for the Aggie quarterback position, we still believe it's pretty well set. The entire unit — Colwell, McDonald, Manley and King Davis III — looked good this spring, and should play well enough in 2013. The scheme will be better and the group should have a better plan in place as well. Ironically, it's one position on the roster that was relatively deep, all things considered.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Andrew in his future endeavors!!

I remember his freshman year when he came in vs. UNM and was clutch in that final drive and getting us a big "W"!!

Thank you for giving up your body (ACL) and making the best out of a very tough situation last year.

I will miss watching you drop back and letting it fly!


Anonymous said...

I am sure you don't remember but I do. How many times were you told here in the past that Manley would eventually leave NMS ?

The reasons you gave are not true and the reasons he gave,family issues, are also not true.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Andrew! Excellent breakdown of the situation Teddy.


Anonymous said...

I wish him well but, before he leaves he goes on KVIA 7, right after the Spring game and says were gonna sweep Utep & Unm.

While I would love to see that prediction come true.
I don't like the "bulletin board" material he provided. Especially, if he's not going to be around to back it up!!!

Anyways, good luck to him and hope he finds a new place to play.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54,

The reason he's leaving is he won't be the primary QB for the Aggies this year. Whether he's not the right fit for the offense, not a good enough thrower, not a good enough runner, whatever...he's leaving because he won't get the playing time he wants. Who can blame him.

As far as being told, there was a dolt a few years back from Hawaii who hated the Aggies because he wasn't admitted (grades too low or had too many emotional problems)who kept predicting Manley was going to leave the next year. That didn't happen and he stopped posting.

I hope Manley finds a team with a great O line where he can flourish.

Anonymous said...

I still remember his very 1st game vs. UNM and just came out slingging that ball!! It was a thing of beauty.

Hadn't seen that since Chase Holbrook.

Wish him the best!

Anonymous said...

I remember that fellow who dissed the Ags every chance. He was one sad individual. No life.

When the Sun News switched to paid subscription he disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Oh please who didn't know two years ago that he wasn't staying for 4 years. ?

All this baloney about 3rd string,family and he doesn't fit in the new plan is just a smoke screen to cover up the real reason.

Anonymous said...

If there's smoke, it's from what you're smoking.

The real reason is he's not a runner, and can't run the offense the way it needs to be run. That's the real reason. If the Aggies were sticking to the drop back, he'd be the guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:46,

Are you Anon 1:54 also? If so, since you apparently have your finger on the pulse of what's going on why don't you tell us why he's leaving? Instead of making unsubstantiated statements, shed some light on the subject.

Manley has a good arm, but his lack of mobility hurt him. I too wish him luck. Looking forward to the new season.


Anonymous said...

Watched Manley play and generally like him as a passer. There are some balls he doesn't throw well, but generally would do well. If we had a good offensive line and a running game, the Aggies would do well with him. However, we don't have the line and don't have the running backs who could take the pressure off of Manley.

If he could scramble, evade the rush, and be an extra running threat, he'd be the Aggie QB again this year for sure. As it stands, the Aggies aren't good enough to have a one dimensional drop back passer.

Hope he lands at a place where he can flourish.

Anonymous said...

11:46 hasn't been to an Aggie game in his life.

Anonymous said...

Aggie fans and their spin machine have always had a problem with the truth. NMS has a national reputation for hiding their dirty laundry and when caught red handed will claim it isn't true or having no knowledge of it.

Anonymous said...

11:05 a.m. hints at truth but fails to provide anything, so it sounds like his spin machine, as small as it is, is a little limp. Poor little one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05.

As opposed to who? UNM? Talk about dirty laundry. UTEP? Ever see a UTEP player get kicked off any team for a transgression?

Until you come up with some facts, you're just blowing smoke.