Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aggies in realignment: What to believe and what the expect

Word came out yesterday that Conference USA, after losing East Carolina and Tulane to the Big East, would add Middle Tennessee State and Florida Atlantic to its football membership, keeping such titles at 14.

Of course this set off rage on Twitter (the perfect storm, really) with many tweet and retweets, accusations, insinuations and assumptions pointing towards Western Kentucky and New Mexico State being added as to Conference USA as well. Why not? A 16-team field makes perfect sense. A utopia, if you will.

When reached by phone yesterday, NMSU Athletics Director McKinley Boston simply said it wasn’t true. That he had no such contact with C-USA, and that such rumblings were pure speculation. For a story on the matter, click here.

This, of course, should not be taken as surprise. If Conference USA was interested, they would have invited NMSU earlier this year as opposed to Old Dominion, a school located in Norfolk Va. that currently plays football on the FCS level (the Monarchs will become an FBS member in 2013).

And, just an opinion of course, but as long as UTEP’s a Conference USA member, the Aggies having a chance at league membership just doesn’t seem favorable. The Miners have long balked at being in the same conference as New Mexico State. Unless there’s a change in that sentiment, or UTEP picks up and leaves for the Mountain West Conference, the Aggies wouldn’t seem destined for C-USA status.

But, with that, one wouldn’t think an Aggie move back to the Sun Belt would be too far-fetched either. What’s changed in that league since the last time realignment hit full throttle? A lot, actually.

For one, Middle Tennessee and Florida Atlantic were both Sun Belt teams, and are now expected to leave. The conference’s football membership will now be eight — down from its previous number of 10, while 12 such members would open the chances of a football championship game. But they need bodies to accomplish these goals, too.

Sun Belt Commissioner Karl Benson is also the former commissioner of the Western Athletic Conference. And while the Sun Belt wasn’t keen on bringing the Aggies in previously, that was with a different membership structure within the league, and with a different leadership council at NMSU. Barbara Couture, the former president of New Mexico State and the chair of the WAC, has been since relieved of such positions. Perhaps some new blood and leadership can breath life and spur some conversation amongst past friends.

The one thing we do know? NMSU can’t play independent football for long. And the WAC as a non-football league might not be for long either.

And we’re also aware conference realignment isn’t done either. With that, we wouldn’t rule out the Aggies future in this regard.

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Anonymous said...

Some Aggie fans just don't get it.

Boston tells them what is going on and they insist that he isn't telling the truth and he is secretly negotiating with C-USA

Anonymous said...

Anyone surprised that Boston hasn't had a conversation with C-USA?
Let's face it, Boston's a moron! The realignement wheel continues to spin and the powers that be are still trying to hold on to the decomposing WAC.

There is no room in life for short sighted business people.
NMSU needs movers & shakers...not couch potatoes!


Anonymous said...

The Sun Belt is down to 8 FB playing schools so, they need to add a few bodies before they become the next WAC.

Seems like the Aggies would get a serious look.
However, we still have Couch Potatoe Boston running the ship so, don't be surprised he thinks that "re-strengthening the WAC" is our best option!!!

Anonymous said...

Does the Sun Belt really want the NMSU program that has itchy feet to get to the MWC? Would the Sun Belt trust them?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:39
Do you really think the Mtn West is really going to invite NMSU? C'mon man!

Anon. 1:06 is right. The Sun Belt can quickly become the next WAC and become extinct if they don't add a few more teams.

This is a pretty good chance for NMSU to find a home.
The $1,000,000 is: Does Boston act on this or is it the same ol song & dance?

Anonymous said...

I expect nothing from NMS but I do expect the LC Sun to do something about their web site.

Even with a high speed internet connection it is as slow as a pig in a poke.It's loaded down with so much junk it takes forever to get to an article and good luck trying to get that Facebook gizmo to work but maybe they just don't want your comments.

Anonymous said...

As I watched the volleyball match on BYUtv I started thinking about how staying in the WAC next year will affect the rest of NMS programs not just football.

In the eyes of the national fans the WAC is a big joke.The babbling by the volleyball program about the tough WAC teams and what an accomplishment winning the WAC tournament was draws nothing but laughter.

Next year it will become even worse as the new WAC schools combined with the loss of so many teams will even downgrade the WAC further.It will become a conference on the same level as a 2A high school league as far as competition goes.