Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some possible FCS targets, if the WAC is in fact looking for possible candidates

(Would Jacksonville State be an option if the WAC looked to add some FCS schools to its Division I membership? Perhaps.)

Is there any new news on the future of the WAC, or the New Mexico State Aggie athletics program beyond 2012-13?

At this point it seems that things are stagnant and that NMSU has to wait for some further shifting — will Air Force remain in the Mountain West? What schools will the Mountain West reach out to — perhaps a UTEP or BYU, or a San Diego State or Boise State — prior to NMSU, if NMSU is in fact an option for a league that would like 12 football teams? And what changes will occur atop the BCS conferences, that in turn would affect FBS schools?

As addressed before, NMSU could become an independent football program for the 2013. This seems to be a short-term option, if any at all.

Or perhaps the WAC will remain a football league by adding some FCS schools to its membership, and giving such schools an opportunity at Division I eligibility. Below, a list of possible FCS candidates that the WAC could be targeting. In order for the league to remain a football-playing affiliate on the Division-I level, this looks to be its lone viable option:

North Dakota
North Dakota State
South Dakota State
Montana State
Eastern Washington
Portland State
Sacramento State
Jacksonville State
Georgia Southern
Appalachian State
Sam Houston State

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the WAC is pulling straws with the hopes of FCS schools making the D1 jump.

I think Air Force will eventually leave the MWC.
Utep is not an option. They just got awarded the 2014 CUSA Basketball tourney. If they were to leave for the MWC, CUSA would pull the tourney...Waaaay to much $$$ to lose!

Bad times in Aggie land, indeed!


Anonymous said...

NMSU 2013 FB schedule:
@ Texas
They would then play Idaho every week for the remainder of the season week in week in Moscow, etc.

With the deadline to move from the WAC on June 30th. It look like my sarcastic Idaho schedule is looking pretty realistic. That and our genius AD will schedule $$ the rest of the way, right MORON?!

On the bright side...If we beat Idaho we can be the 2013 WAC champs!!!


Anonymous said...

But how many years will it take to get these candidates to actually make the change and can NMS afford to wait on them? Some of these have indicated that they have no interest in moving up to FBS.

Anonymous said...

But many are were ready yesterday,,,,snag a few an ask the NCAA for extensions