Sunday, November 7, 2010

Aggies need to be perfect to win

The Aggie football team was competitive at Utah State this past weekend.

Unfortunately, the team still lost, 27-22, to the UtAgs.

The Aggies played well enough to win – they outgained Utah State 346 to 296, had the ball with a chance to tie the score inside Utah State territory with a minute remaining in the contest and battled throughout.

The team held a 14-0 lead after the first quarter.

Two key plays in the outcome? Separate kickoff returns by Utah State deep into Aggie territory that led to USU touchdowns, one in the first half and the other in the fourth quarter which led to the go-ahead score.

The Aggies held their own in virtually every other category. NMSU held close to a 10-minute time-of-possession edge, won the penalty battle and held its own along the line of scrimmage.

But the Aggies need to play a perfect game to win. And blown coverages on two kickoff returns that lead to 14 points is enough to sink the ship.

At 2-7, can the Aggies win another game on the season? They won’t win at Nevada. But they can beat either Louisiana Tech or Hawaii – despite the fact that both teams are better. Homefield advantage will be there and those will be tough trips for both Tech and Hawaii to make. And, the Aggies should be hungry for one more win this year.

I do believe NMSU is getting better – playing competitive football at Utah State was a good sign. The team needs to at least close the season playing tight in the final two home games on its schedule, and possibly pulling one of them off to finish 2010.


Anonymous said...

They seem to be playing better as a team but, they still have their let downs that get them in trouble.

I think we can beat LaTech but it's going to take a strong effort and eliminate those costly mistakes!

C'mon Aggies, FINISH STRONG!!!


Anonymous said...

...Last year,it was three wins by three points each.So far,it's been two wins by two points each..just observing...

IC said...

Have you heard anything on WAC expansion? A SA Express News reports UTSA could announce as early as 11/11, with TSU a pretty solid bet on joining the WAC also.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we can get another win, our best chance is tomorrow. The offense is playing better sad Kenny will be out so the defenseneeds to step up. Montana had the nerve to turn down the WAC so it will be TEXAS ST and UTSA for now

Anonymous said...

I guess the only way the Aggies are going to move up in the WAC is to have Nevada, Boise and Fresno leave and then add a couple I-AA programs from Texas. It's pretty sad. I from Las Cruces but graduated from UTSA and the WAC is a step up in all sports for them However, for NM State it's like they are now playing in an FCS conference. If sports like volleyball, baseball and basketball wouldn't suffer, it would be better for NM State to accept reality and go down to the FCS. Unfortunately dropping to an FCS conference can affect all the sports in relation to quality opponents.

It would be nice if NM State could find a quality basketball conference and then join some league like the Southland Conference separately for football.