Saturday, June 19, 2010

Locals getting looks

Went to Aggie football camp today where Mayfield High School was in attendance and receiving interest.

The first is obviously defensive tackle Matt Ramondo, who said he got an offer recently from the University of Arizona. That makes four offers for the lineman — New Mexico State, New Mexico, Michigan State and Arizona. All four offers have been along the defensive line, which is where Ramondo would prefer to play in college. Some believe Ramondo can play on the offensive lineman on the next level.

Another local player the Aggies are showing interest in is Mayfield running back Brandon Betancourt. Betancourt said a scholarship from NMSU is a possibility. He has also received some attention from UTEP and will go to the University of New Mexico camp next week.

Another New Mexico player the Aggies are interested in is Raton quarterback Dustin Walton.

Two El Paso players who could be on NMSU's radar are Chapin wide receivers Caleb Moore and Milton Roberts.


Anonymous said...

Good to have locals get offers to Div I schools.

The advantage of getting selected by the Aggies is playing time. Let's hope these players and the Aggies can benefit from one another.

Anonymous said...

There are several locals playing for NM State and many of them are not getting any playing time. If a local kid gets an offer from a school like Arizona or Michigan State, go for it. I think NM State is a waste of time for the top local products.

Anonymous said...

anon. That is total B.S. Ross Conner got plenty of playing time. If you look at the past 15 years NM kids have been a big part of the program. Some of the kids that don't get a lot of playing time are borderline D-1 kids.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about football, but i see a local kid playing lots of minutes on the aggie basketball squad.

And let me say this, if the kid can't get minutes with the Aggies, do you think he has a snowball's chance in hell playing for the University of Arizona? Puullllease.

Anonymous said...

Ross Conner is one person and I was not speaking of basketball, only football. Many of the local products that chose bigger schools in football have done very well. You people in Las Cruces are crabby and like to argue all the's no wonder the rest of the WAC doesn't like NM State or the fans. It's my opinion and it counts just like yours counts...thank you.

Anonymous said...

This has been an ongoing issue. For the past 4 or 5 years, NMSU has been soundly criticised for not recruiting local players. They are now attempting to recruit local players and they are still criticised. I don't care which side of the issue you're on but my question is how many local players have been given scholarships by other D-1 schools nad have contributed to that athletic program. My guess is in the past 5 or so years, there have been very few. I see more las Cruces kids going to small schools. My feeling is scholarships are limited and why recruit kids that are marginal D-1 prospects just to recruit locally. This is not a knock on the local talent but more a statement that there is a huge difference on the talent level from High School to college. NMSU is trying to upgrade all their athletic programs and and while there have been some exceptions I don't think the local kids are the answer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45, Although I disagree about local talent, I can accept your answer because it is put in an intelligent and logical manner. I just don't like others on this blog who get sarcastic and make ignorant comments.

I am originally from Las Cruces but no longer live there and some of the current Aggie "fans" get so ugly on this blog. I miss some things about Las Cruces, but not the loud mouth know-it-alls.

Anonymous said...

"...Many of the local products that chose bigger schools in football have done very well..." Just who are the "many" you are talking about?

And are you saying that if a kid plays for NMSU and doesn't get playing time that he'd get playing time at a bigger school? Are there two moons in the sky of your planet?

Who gives a rats about whether fans from other WAC schools think? How is that even related to the topic?

I'd say your opinion, given what you have written, is worth less.