Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Talk with Walk

Spoke with head coach DeWayne Walker today about news and notes this spring and into the summer surrounding his New Mexico State Aggie football team.

The first topic we discussed was the quarterback situation, where Walker said the team is still actively recruiting. NMSU has a number of players at the position — Jeff Fleming and Matt Christian competed for the starting job this spring along with Tanner Rust. True freshman Andrew Manley will step in during he fall and it will be interesting to see what he can do as a 3-star recruit.

“When I spoke to (Boise State coach) Chris Peterson before our game (last December), he said that's one spot where you got to have guys,” Walker said. “It will be an ongoing competition until we find the right guy.”

The spring game last month saw Christian throw the ball effectively downfield while Fleming was able to use his legs to his advantage. Walker reiterated that while the coaching staff would like to see one guy take the reigns as the starting signal caller, if the Aggies have to enter the season with two QBs sharing snaps, they will.

“Matt Christian, he brings something that we lacked last year and that is leadership and confidence,” Walker said. “It's something we'll pay close attention to going into training camp.

“Fleming can run and we'll pay close attention to that too. We're not an option team and you gotta be able to function throwing the football.”

The head coach seems excited about incoming players that will make an appearance for the Aggies at fall camp. Kenny Turner should provide a spark in a backfield that already seems fairly stable while wide receiver Taveon Burke can hopefully bring speed and big-play ability on the outside. Aundre McGaskey will also be a big body at offensive tackle that can possibly take the field contribute immediately.

Defensively, the Aggies will add tackles Tommy Stuart and David Mahoney who should sure up the interior of the line.

Also, expect NMSU to bring in a body or two at wide receiver and safety in an attempt to provide depth and competition to the positions as the 2010 season nears.


Anonymous said...


I have heard that Trevor Walls has switch to the Tight End position. I am sure he has great hands. I know that he was recruited by some MAC schools for basketball, so athletically this could be beneficial for him and his team.

Waverly, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Coach isn't happy with this ball slingers.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Walls?

Anonymous said...


Can u please update the depth chart?

What are our chances of going bowling

Anonymous said...

Depth Chart!! That is just too funny What Depth Chart..this team sucked last season and will suck again...so their is no depth at all