Thursday, July 2, 2009

Abdoulaye N'doye

From my understanding, basketball player Abdoulaye N'doye will be on the NMSU campus shortly.

The 7-foot-1 African center could possibly be at NMSU by the second summer session and will almost surely be here by the time school starts.

N'doye, a native of Senegal, never made it to Las Cruces last year. His arrival would give NMSU another big body in the frontcourt.


Anonymous said...

Another big body with slabs for hands and rocks for feet?

Anonymous said...

Another poster with mush for brains?

Anonymous said...

Adios, Chris Gabriel!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first guy's question. Any idea if this guy has decent hands and can move? The two we have now, don't seem to.

Anonymous said...

wow wendell mckines has a blog??? these type of things are getting out of control

Anonymous said...


A few have asked about N'doye's abilities. Do you have an opinion on his level of talent?

Anonymous said...

blogs are getting out of control? I guess if you don't like information that could be true.

As for N'Doye here is what was said about him when we first signed him:

“I was happy to find that Abdoulaye had not found a home in the United States, when I went to Africa to see him,” Menzies said. “I believe he’s got professional potential but he has a lot of development before he can reach that stage due to the lack of resources and conditioning in the area where we discovered him.

“He has very good hands, runs the floor well for his size, is an excellent student and is a very good fit for us considering our need at the big man position."

Teddy said...


I don't have an opinion on his ability one way or the other. Not now. When I see him play, I can give you an accurate assessment.

All I can do is look at his size. Size doesn't guarantee a good basketball player. It does indicate potential. My hope is that at the very least he can be a defensive presence around the hoop. Someone who can block shots and rebound the ball. One would hope that he could rebound at over 7 feet, but again, height doesn't guarantee anything. We shall see.