Thursday, May 31, 2007


This is a big year for NMSU football. Is the team a contender, a decent group who scraps for some wins that they shouldn’t or just another bottom feeder in the WAC? Are they Hawaii or Boise? Are they Utah State or La Tech?

Well, they aren’t going to be Hawaii and Boise. Those two programs are the truth and should torch WAC competition on a weekly basis. Truthfully, the Aggies can’t be Utah State or La Tech. There’s too much riding on the line this year for Mumme and company to associate with the dregs of the conference. A .500 record within the division could be a possibility though.

NMSU has the tools offensively to at least play entertaining football. Holbrook will chuck it on a regular basis and the receiving core is deep and talented. Defensively things could be dicey. Truthfully, the season could ride simply on the Aggies generating a pass rush up front. It’s been an area of concern in the past and should be a point of scrutiny this season once more. If they don’t apply pressure, the opposition will drop back and pick apart the secondary to death. That’s football. Penetration along the line can create havoc and big plays goin’ the other way. A lack of pressure translates into a toothless defense that gets torched on a regular basis.

My prediction? NMSU won’t finish above .500 this year. 6-6? Yeah, that seems right. Over under on six wins? I go with the under, but not by much. And I think six wins is a nice year for this program. Two years ago they were 0-12. And it will be an entertaining .500 team. Lots of points for, lots of points against and big plays all around for everyone



Vic said...

6-6? How can that be if they are playing 13 games?!

7-6 is my call.

The pass rush is important but, so is the secondary.
I hear Chris Woods and Vince Butler (JUCO from NMMI) are very talented but, are having a tough time in class.

We will be OK if they are on the field or we can see Chase & Co. in a dog fight if they are in-eligible.

Keep us posted on their summer courses. They will be key.

Teddy said...

My fault....6-7 then. From what I understand, Woods is in the clear, at least up until this point. But still, he has a lot to prove. Everyone on that D does. And don't forget, a strong pass rush can help a weak secondary in a lot of ways


Vic said...

Sounds like you are now building a rapport with NMSU athletics.

Can you verify if EJ Canon (NMMI)is eligible? He was also walking tight rope academically. I hear he is a load on the D line and can help.

Keep us posted on the Butler kid. I hear the staff is really big on him.

How much has McKinney and Murray improved at the ends?
What about the D-Line as whole? I hear there is depth, any players that might make an impact?

The Buss said...

It's hard not to be skeptical about the program. Mumme hasn't proven anything other than an ability to beat I-AA schools, and the 'Air Raid' hasn't done much to mask a ridiculous failure on the defensive side of the ball. I think 6-7 may be slightly ambitious.

They have the two gimmes, the SE Louisiana and Arkansas Pine-Bluff, and the games they stand no chance of winning, Auburn and Boise State, everything else is a toss up. I'll have to say 5-8, but you never know, if the defense really is improved as everyone is saying, then they could break .500 this year.

Anonymous said...

NMSU is going to surprise a lot of people this year. Phil Steels predicts the Aggies will go to the Hawaii bowl. Here is my predictions this year. NMSU will go 4-1 in our OCC and yes I pick us to beat UNM, and UTEP. We will go 5-3 in the WAC, and finish third, and go to the New Mexico Bowl and have a overall record of 9-4. 2008 season will be more exciting. That be the year NMSU will compete for the WAC Title.